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  1. Hi there, my large breed 7 y/o dog and I have been through an interesting time recently. He was hit by a car about 8 weeks ago at 60km or above, at least 10km above speed limit. He managed to escape with only damage to his back legs. At first the vets weren't too worried about breaks as he was still walking, however after closer examination it was found that he had an open fracture of his hock joint, damage to the ligaments, extreme joint instability and his joint pocket was open. Our options were either to amputate or have a joint fusion, however after much discussion and vets seeking second opinions due his ability to weight bare without a limp with the use of a splint they gave us a third option; to treat his injuries conservatively. He came home with us after 2 nights at the vet (having been the star of the surgery and a gentleman his whole stay) walking and sitting and trotting along like he hadn't been hit head on by a car 2 days prior, happy as Larry. 2 weeks later his joint had closed and was no longer oozing fluid, and his wounds had started to granulate. 2 weeks after that his wounds had almost closed over completely and his left leg bandages came off. It's been 8 weeks now and he is no longer on pain meds (aside from tumeric and joint suppliments) he has had his splint removed, there is no longer clunking in the sideways movement of the joint and he has almost perfect flexibility in the hock joint. He feels it more than with the splint but as long as he only does light activity, he is able to sit, turn around, stretch, walk without a limp with his natural gait and weight baring on his damaged leg to pee. The vets have said that if he continues to improve how he has been he may come home with no bandages in a month! I am wondering if anyone has had experience with this type of injury and whether anyone has had a similar experience? All of the vets and specialists in my area are dumbfounded, as none of them have seen anything like it before; they have just had to go with what my dog is able to do comfortably and help us let him do that in a safe and monitored environment. I would really like to hear your stories and know if anyone has experienced conservative treatment like this with similar results as I have tried to research it to no avail. Thank you for reading, I hope it was Interesting sorry its a long one!