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  1. Hi Folks, Did any one tried Prime100 pet food, especially the "Chicken and Veg" roll - pic attached? I have a 4.5 months old GSD pup who is currently in Big Dog BARF Chicken diet. I had to opt her to BARF as her poops were sloppy whenever fed on Kibble, whichever brand may it be. Feeding her only on Big Dog is becoming a costly affair as with the raw diets since they are priced high over kibble. The same quantity of Prime100 Chicken and Veg costs lower than half of what I pay for Big Dog. So, can really appreciate if you
  2. Hi Folks, Thanks for providing your advice to my queries. Now I have an other....Should I switch over to Raw Diet/BARF diet from Kibble? Currently my 15 week old GSD pup is on Black Hawk Puppy Large Breed diet with a mix of Cooked chicken. I am not entirely happy with the Kibble as I've been noticing her poo. Whenever she poops the first discharge is nice and firm usually in dark grey color followed by a wee sloppy/semi-solid one in dark yellow color. She has her regular worming done and she is active and never lethargic. Recently I've been advised on raw diet from
  3. @PANDI-GIRL Thanks for inquiring. Yes, she is doing great. I've trained her to be calm and eat on command when the food is placed before her. She's taken to it quickly and waits for command. I take her out for her to finish the business after her meals. I give a 10 min to her to play herself around in the backyard after which I bring he back inside. After returning from work I spend 10-15 mins patting her....she loves that. I've started to take her on walks in the evening for around 30 mins. She takes a nap after that. Initially she was a bit troublesome going into the crate...I
  4. Thank you very much for every one all for your suggestions. As I mentioned, I've stopped the running thing. I am leaving her in the backyard after the meal; she plays for some time and comes back in to the house and goes for a nap. I will be starting to train her with some professional help and hopefully will gain more understanding myself as well. Regards, Jhunt.
  5. Hi Folks, Hoping some one can share their views and advice on my situation. We have recently got a German Shepherd female puppy, she is around 11 weeks old. Usually she is very calm but every time she has a meal, she becomes very hyper active and starts running around the feet and tries to chew around the feet. Earlier we used to take a flirt pole and make her run in our back yard for 30 mins or so to wear out her energy. Lately, we were advised not to make her run since it will effect her bones....which we have promptly stopped.
  6. Thanks Malamum and Panto. I've started a dialogue with K9 Pro and received lot of info. Hopefully I will reach to a decision soon.
  7. Thanks much, everyone, for your suggestions. One aspect that I get conflicting advice from trainers/behaviorists is on the right age to bring the puppy home. While the most common suggestions is 8 weeks, few said it should be 10 - 12 weeks. One behaviorist in particular was definitive on 12 weeks and reasoned that mother would teach the pup many things between the age of 6 to 12 weeks. So, I have done a bit of digging over the net and found some really interesting articles alluding to the idea of bringing the pup at 12 weeks old. https://www.alli
  8. Hi All, Hoping if anyone can give recommendation on Dog Trainers/Behaviorists in Sydney. I am going to get a German Shepherd pup in little over a month from a registered breeder in NSW. I choose the breeder over many after doing months of research online, visiting them and discussing. I firmly believe on training as a well trained and behaved dog will be a delight to have. So, I have been speaking to many trainers and going over the internet on Dog Training. While the information available online is plenty I have to say its overwhelming and inconclusive. All
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