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  1. Hey, i have a beautiful 5 month old puppy who loves to dig. I have tried everything i can think of to get her to stop, vinegar, cayene pepper, black pepper, dog poo, orange peels, chili paste and even different essential oils. She is walked 10km a day and goes on a 5km run when her dad gets home from work. She always has her kongs and millions of toys, she even has her own pool outside. I am completely at lost on what to do to get her to stop destroying the yard...
  2. My dog is agressive towards adult strangers so i know where you are coming from, it is really hard. I luckily am blessed and she loves every kid she has ever met (yes i am super careful with her around children). My girl is 5 months old and 21.6kg already so going to be a big dog. Your dog is most probably protecting your children, some dogs think of our kids like their own puppies and have strong protective instincts. I would suggest just making sure your dog isnt around kids at all besides yours. And a secure yard should be enough to hold a dog in if it is classed as dangerous, i had an amer
  3. Hey, i have bought a bag of pet mince from woolies yesterday because i have a fussy puppy. She is a 5 month old bull mastiff, and im just wondering if it is okay to feed her raw pet mince say twice a week just to supplement her on the days she refuses to eat anything at all?
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