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  1. Puppy vaccination vs socialisation

    Perfect! thanks so much everyone for your pointers. So far he has been coping really well with everyone he has met and is loving puppy school, so hopefully that is a good sign. Also, I love the idea of carrying him around, but I think his weight (12kg at 12 weeks) might mean its a short walk for both of us haha
  2. Hi all, 3 weeks ago my family and I picked up our first Bernese mountain dog and would love some advice on socialisation vs vaccinations. From what I have heard and read, it is extremely important to socialise your puppy before the critical socialisation period ends between 12-14 weeks approx. While we have been doing our best to socialise him where possible and safe (at friends houses, and puppy school in a controlled environment) we would love to be able to get him used to new places and people. My only concern is his vaccinations. He will be receiving his 2nd vaccination tomorrow, and were wondering whether people think it's a good/bad idea to start taking puppies out after this vaccine or whether it's better to wait until after the 3rd vaccine? Also, the first vaccine our boy received was Protech C3, which I have read sometimes means a 3rd booster vaccine is not required? Does anyone have any experience with this? Any advice or pointers is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking at possibly getting a Bernese mountain dog later this year towards October and have been trying to get an answer on what age is the right time to desex both female and male puppies (we aren't too sure on gender yet). One of the vets I contacted thought that it was okay for them to be desex around 16 weeks old, however I thought that sounded too early as i know there are a few risks in desexing them too early. Any advice is greatly appreciated for a rough guide for now but as the time gets closer our final decision will be decided with the help from the breeder and the vets. Thank you, amelia
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking at possibly getting a Bernese mountain dog later this year towards October and have been doing a lot of research on their health problems especially their hips. As I am aware that their likelihood of hip dysplasia is quite great, I am looking to get Pennhip done on the puppy so that I am able to work on preventative methods to delay the progression of any hip issues they may have rather then wait till they're older when they may have to get surgery instead. I have only called one vet around me at the moment and was quoted approximately $800 for the Pennhip procedure. I was just wondering what other prices people payed around Australia or where quoted? Also if anyone could suggest clinics in Victoria that would be great also. I was also wondering what age peoples dogs were when they underwent Pennhip as I was also told by the vet that the timing needed to be very specific (around 16 weeks of age). If this is true thats fine, but i also thought you could have it done at any stage. I am asking this as I would preferably like to have my puppy desexed at the same time to reduce the amount of times it has to be anaesthetised, but 16 weeks is also a bit too early to be desexing the Bernese according too the breeder and online resources. Any advice or suggestions on all of this is welcome. Thanks heaps, Amelia.