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    Hi all, I am Paul Brady and I run PetScams.com with a team of volunteers. I have volunteered with different groups combatting internet fraud for over 15 years and set up PetScams.com late in 2017 in order to combat the growing trend in online pet scams. The owner of northchihuahuas-com is not a breeder, he is a Cameroonian scammer.. I would estimate that he has created at least 300 domains in the past year in order to convince people he is a breeder. The website is not actually US registered, it is registered with a US based service which hides the registration details. (http://PrivacyProtect.org) The website is hosted on a Russian server "NS1.UKIT.COM" which has hosted hundreds of these scammers websites. The testimonials on the website have been copied from numerous other scam websites by the same scammer. If you search for "personality and demeanor. This is true. The girls at the" you can see multiple breeds this scammer is "selling" in multiple countries. The scammer will also create a "shipping" website in order to scam you out of delivery money for the puppy. In this way, he can offer puppies for adoption and still scam you our of thousands of dollars! If this was a genuine breeder they would be easy to find. Their contact page would at least show the city they are in however the scammer ALWAYS wants to know your location first. This is so that they can then say that they are on a different side of the country. You will have no other option than to ship the puppy with their "preferred shipper" which will just be another scam website set up by them. Breeders normally have multiple ways to contact them, links to Instagram and Facebook and a phone number to speak to them not just text. Scammers prefer to keep everything to email otherwise you will hear their accent and that might give you a clue that they are not in your country. To see how this scam plays our, please have a look at the following video. Feel free to ask me any questions here. Paul PetScams.com