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    13 hours ago, PossumCorner said:

    Do you buy the paints through the canvas supplier people or separately - water colour or synthetic - just enough for the one image supplied, or more generous?  Other colours available or only to suit the image you order from them?  I did look at the link, just couldn't see that much detail.

    You just have to send a picture and they turn it into a paint by numbers. They provide you with the canvas, the paint set (more than enough for the painting but you'll just get the colors that suit your image), 3 brushes, a chart (copy of the canvas in case you need to double-check a number in an area you've already painted) an instruction folder.


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  2. On 02/08/2019 at 4:48 AM, Loving my Oldies said:

    What fun.  Brings back memories of painting by numbers over 60 years ago.  Mum framed a couple of my “artworks” and I’m sorry I threw them out years ago.    

    That's sad! It's now time to make some again then :laugh:


    I'll definitely keep you posted! Here is the result after a few more hours of fun

    I'm super happy the wrinkles are slightly fading away; I can barely see them anymore!

    James Corgi PBN - 2 (Copier).jpg

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  3. Hi fellow members,

    A family member recently made me a wonderful surprise: he gave me a paint by numbers personalized with my favorite picture of James, my mixed-breed corgi! 

    It's not my first paint by numbers but I didn't know it was possible to turn a photo into a custom one!

    Just started yesterday and I thought you might want to see it so I'll share the progress with you. I added the picture used so that you can compare and imagine the final result.

    There are a few wrinkles on the canvas, I'll lightly iron it to remove them. smile.png

    Have you ever done such project?


    James Corgi PBN - 1 (Copier).jpg

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