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  1. Need help with my 9 month old Kelpie x

    Thank you every for your advice I will take all this in by adding more obedience with her during the day. And I never force her to be around other dogs when walking I make sure her attention stays on me around them if possible.
  2. Need help with my 9 month old Kelpie x

    Hi I am looking into a trainer and also obidience training but until I'm in a better finical state it isn't possible and that was why I came here to find out some more ideas ☺️☺️. And I will definitely be trying out more brain work for her but when on walks Tipit is very much enjoying them. She does want to be around other dogs she just is confused to as how and is scared of the more excited dogs.
  3. Need help with my 9 month old Kelpie x

    Hey here is my little girl. Hi yes she is a very interesting mix, she has the muscle from the staffy and a high prey drive, but the intelligence of the Kelpie and also the speed of one. She is a very good blend of both luckily only taking good traits from both breeds. As for her timetable: Tipit usually wakes up around 6am and I feed her her breakfast in a long or just throw it out in the yard to make her work for it then she is out there til I'm ready for the day (around 8am usually) then we will go to the park for 20-30 min and she plays "soccer" with her blue balls and she loves it. Then she will generally either be outside or inside with me depending on the day and where the other dogs are as at the moment she is not allowed around them much due to the bullying issues. Then usually I spend about 2-3 hours with her and we will go for her nightly walk then she gets home and gets fed. Come back in around 8-9 then stays with me until I crate her at night at 10pm for bed. And as for the other two dogs behaviour: They both have beautiful behaviour and nature. One is an old chocolate Labrador (male) who has amazing manners but after we put down our old dog he has developed anxiety and is on medication for that. The other is a staffy x Pitbull who has even better manners than the Labrador he is 2 years old now and belongs to my sister and is very obedient. So unfortunately I do know that the problem is stemming from Tipit here. But out of the two other dogs the only problem is, is only one is interested in teacher her manners (staffyx) the Labrador doesn't have a mean bone in his body and just takes it from her and it's only if the other one is around that anything happens. I've removed her from the situation to calm down and I also give her a firm no and pull her away. I don't want to use her crate as a punishment for this though as she loves her crate to sleep in and don't want to taint that
  4. Hi guys so at the start of this year I adopted my Kelpie X Staffy not knowing until later that she is part Kelpie. Since then her personality has blossomed and she is all Kelpie in this aspect. Now I am struggling a bit with obedience and keeping her energy levels down. She has Kong's and other brain teasing toys and she gets walked for an hour evening plus 20 minutes of fetch in the morning. But as I live in a house with others I am struggling with getting her to behave around everyone as no one else works with the dog in the way that I do. She has also had a bad experience with being attacked by another dog when she was younger and this has spread into a fear reaction when on leash. She is very weary around other dogs now but the two we live with. She has also become a big bully to the older Labrador we have at the house. I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers to help these issues as I have never owned a working dog before.