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  1. Hi, We have a lovely female Labrador, approx 2 1/2 years old. She thrives on routine and needs things to be predictable or becomes very stressed. Has an incredibly high prey drive and loves to train and explore parks and go for walks. She frequently has 'off' weeks where she is suddenly much more reactive, anxious, unsettled at times and generally not herself. It has taken us some time to work out possible triggers and we have found that her monthly flea/ working medicine seems to be one. Within 12-24 hours her behaviour changes and lasts for 2-3 days. We were using Advocate drops (had some ear mite issues early on and this worked well in our last lab and seemed effective for our girl) but switched to Nexguard spectra last month to see if oral worked better for her - response to this was less clear, possibly bad timing as was just getting over a couple of bad weeks post annual vaccination. She is due again today, has had a lovely calm few days so will be fairly easy to see if any changes after this. I have read about allergic reactions and she doesn't display these tupe of signs. Vet gave good check over 6weeks ago when vaccinated and said she was in great health. From a pup she has always been easily overstimulated by touch and seems to be easily effected by any internal sensation (e.g. hunger, tired, needs to use bowels, etc). We have found we need to closely monitor her weight as even .5kg loss can trigger her and as soon as gains it back she is back to her calmer self. Would appreciate any suggestions or experiences people can share around behaviour changes with these medicines (or vaccinations as also seem to case some issues) Thanks
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