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  1. Don't blame yourself. It's just a bad luck. My puppy was transfered by air in March, however, died in a week. I don't know how many times I regret not to choose road transport. You are lucky to get a puppy from the breeder. My breeder promised to give me one and then changed her mind when she finially got litters in July. The puppy was for my daughter's 11 birthday. Can you imagine how sad she would be? It looks we couldn't have a puppy in a couple of years due to the high demand and crazy price. All the best!
  2. OMG, I feel so sorry to hear you lost your 6 puppies at the same time. What a horrible! I even couldn't sleep well when the breeder told me the puppy died at birth. $3500 is for the puppy only. Somehow I was pushed to get the refund from the breeder after I told her don't worry and I would like to wait until the next litter. She just refuned me in hurry and then on the following day she posted she has got 7 health puppies on her facebook. After that I asked the full refund probobaly just want to give a lesson or punishment to her. However it seems like I couldn't do anything except to bring it
  3. To be honest, I would just take it if the breeder told me the truth like what you said. I was told by the breeder that only one of three dogs got pregnant successfully and only one puppy in the litter and died in a couple of hours. My family were very upset for the puppy and the mum and I didn't have a good sleep on that day. I asked her to share the bills with me after I found out the truth because I was shocked and very very angry. I do understand why the breeder changed her mind because of the crazy price of puppy at this stage. Be cheated is much painful than the money lost.
  4. Thanks for your comments.
  5. I am not questioning the puppy, but the breeder. Such a terrible liar!
  6. Thank you! The puppy was for my daughter's birthday gift which has been asked for years. Not a good example to teach my kids to be a honest person. No any ways to give the breeder a lesson and she will not do that again to other people?
  7. Thanks for your information! Honestly I am a bit shocked. I thought looking for a puppy through dogzonline will guarantee the reputation of breeders and quaility of puppies.
  8. Thanks for your reply! I would probably take the result if the breeder didn't lie to me like that. We have been kept in touch for nearly half an year. The breeder updated the information very on time, eg. the girl has heated, mated, got pregnant... She promised she will give me one or two puppies from a girl. If the girl wasn't pregnant, she also has another two girls got mated. However after she got seven puppies, I was told only one girl was pregnant and one puppy was born and died soon. Looks like the breeder just changed her mind after she got puppies. The hardest thing for me is how to ex
  9. I found the adv. for selling red poodle puppy on www.dogzonline.com.au and contacted the breeder who is registered dog breeder in QLD. I was told by many people it is the safest way to buy a puppy. Finally I got my puppy when she was 8 weeks old for my daughter's birthday gift in March. She was transferred by fly through JetPet from QLD to Melbourne. One the second day she was not well and I brought her to vet clinic, and I was told she has heart murmurs (the breeder didn't mention it to me), got unknow virus and was very weak. I believe the Doctor tried best to save the puppy, however, puppy
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