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  1. Certainly! Anymore and he probably won’t even know what planet he is on. Will take him to the vet tomorrow and see what they have to say! Thanks everyone for sharing!
  2. There was a pain patch on but got taken off, so he is on Gabapentin for pain and Trazadone to try and relax him enough to get him to settle comfortably.
  3. No we got told that he should be fine without physio/rehab and not to worry? We are just worried because it seems to be causing him a great deal of pain trying to get comfortable with that leg. This guy isn’t a stranger to being uncomfortable as his front leg is a fracture repair that didn’t work in December, got a second surgery in April with a bone graft - that finally is in last healing stages and looks very good but this back leg has knocked him for 6! has anyone’s dog had the issue of not looking like a straight leg or an issue with getting it comfortable?
  4. We have our Toy Poodle recovering from his Patella Luxation surgery which was done 4 days ago (The knee sat too high on him and had to be re-grooved and be pinned, they also mentioned muscle or tendon has to stretch overtime). He is very lightly putting it down but still with a limp and without his bandage on you can see he is a bit bow legged in that knee like he used to look when his patella was out. He is very restless and has a decent amount of inflammation, he is no stranger to pain as his front leg is currently bandaged up with having a fracture repair on a bone that’s been brok
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