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  1. Thank you for all the wonderful and valuable information. As I am 57 years old and a first time dog owner there was no way I would have considered another dog and my plan only was to rehouse with an experienced Jack Russell owner. His welfare and happiness is the most important thing to me. I will let everyone know how things are going but at this stage we went to the vet on Friday and he has encouraged me to have a behaviouralist vet do a home visit. I am going to take this course of action for a few months. I didn't write it in the first post but Henry was attacked whilst we we
  2. I have an 8 month year old desexed male dog who is great 95% of the time. But on the odd occasion he savagely has a "go" at me. Examples of this would be when I am trying to cover up cat poo he is eating, trying to shut the dishwasher door when he was licking a plate, trying to take a cricket or beetle off him or recently even a plastic peg. He is now doing it more often like when I tried to pick him up to put him in the car this week and when I tried to get him to get off the lounge. I don't have broken skin but it is frightening for me and I have become scared of him. When he
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