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  1. Hello Everyone I just wanted to provide an update. All is well. I am now in charge of the household. When Henry attacks my ugg boots (whilst wearing them) my hand goes straight down and over his mouth and he releases without injury. He is now 13 months old. I learnt a lot from the vet who came to my home and I was prescribed medication for him to reduce the hyperactivity and aggression but I chose not to use it unless I became absolutely desperate. In short I pick my battles. Ive learnt that after a "NO" if I quickly ask cheerfully "where's your ball" I can mostly redirect his b
  2. Thank you for all the wonderful and valuable information. As I am 57 years old and a first time dog owner there was no way I would have considered another dog and my plan only was to rehouse with an experienced Jack Russell owner. His welfare and happiness is the most important thing to me. I will let everyone know how things are going but at this stage we went to the vet on Friday and he has encouraged me to have a behaviouralist vet do a home visit. I am going to take this course of action for a few months. I didn't write it in the first post but Henry was attacked whilst we we
  3. I have an 8 month year old desexed male dog who is great 95% of the time. But on the odd occasion he savagely has a "go" at me. Examples of this would be when I am trying to cover up cat poo he is eating, trying to shut the dishwasher door when he was licking a plate, trying to take a cricket or beetle off him or recently even a plastic peg. He is now doing it more often like when I tried to pick him up to put him in the car this week and when I tried to get him to get off the lounge. I don't have broken skin but it is frightening for me and I have become scared of him. When he
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