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  1. That’s great, thank you. So I just sprinkle it on and it will adhere to his snout. That might be just the ticket for him.
  2. How does the Equine Puff powder adhere to the nose? It sounds like it might be a good alternative to zinc creams which just don’t work for him. You might all be right a course of steroids may allow us to get on top of it. His stomach is extremely sensitive though he doesn’t even tolerate fresh meat it has to be cooked for him. Does anybody know about the side effects the steroids on a sensitive stomach? Does the condition improve with the onset of winter? Thanks for all your help, I feel so lost with this condition. Everything I’ve read about it is depressing. I get the impression that once they have it it is forever!
  3. This summer my 8 year old Collie Rough has developed DLE on his nose and eyes. The vet has given him amacyin eye cream and advantan ointment for his nose as a starting point. If this doesn’t work she said we will then move onto doxycycline and Niacinamide. She would like to try and avoid oral steroids because of the side effects. She also said to keep him out of the sun and use a dog zinc sunscreen. We now walk him at first light, keep him indoors and we were using Filtabac cream as a sunscreen. I’ve had to stop using the Filtabac as it was drying out his nose. As he stays inside I think it is probably OK not to use a sunscreen. However, it has become a frustrating condition the Advantan hasn’t improved it. I’m now trying Advantan Fatty ointment as this is more moisturising and a little stronger. I’ve also bought Doggie Goggles to protect his eyes but how can I protect his nose?? Presently, I’m trying to avoid oral treatments because he has an extremely sensitive stomach and sits on the edge of developing IBD. His nose is also very itchy and when he does go out he rubs it on the concrete (of all things) making it bleed. I don’t know how to help the itchyness. Can anyone help with suggestions or share their experience with this condition?
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