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  1. Yes but in this case the dog is at a good price ive seen them cost the same as what she wants without main register or even abit more without main register. But if i intend on breeding just dogs for the purpose of people wanting it as a pet then no point paying the extra cash for main register aye ?
  2. I meant the breeders that sell em without any register have the parents dna tested proving they are real and they are cheaper then the one im looking at thats 1k more with papers . So if i just wanted to sell as pets then i would be better off paying the cheaper price right ?
  3. I have the option to pay an extra 1k for mains register is it worth it ? If i want to breed purebred dogs ? Whivh i do but they will be dna tested anyways . So i still be better off with mains register for both parents or it doesnt matter ? Because i have the option for either Thanks
  4. Hey im curious how much did a purebred toy poodle go for before the pandemic? And how much did a cavoodle go for before the pandemic? Im curious as to if people are paying very inflated prices because of the pandemic? Or if they are similar prices Thanks
  5. Im looking at buying a male toy poodle, which Hereditary disorders do i have to make sure the parents have been tested for ? thanks
  6. So its more of a ethical thing to not breed of a limited register? Its not legal thing ? Thats what ive been asking
  7. I guess it depends what breed your selling , the ones ive looked at ive seen nothing
  8. But if you didnt want to join a ankc how could they control what you do ? Also a cavoodle is a cross breed so you couldn't join the ankc anyways ?
  9. So if you buy a dog on limited register is it illegal to breed that dog ? Or do you mean its only illegal if it states so in the contract you sign ? So in the contract if theres nothing about breeding the dog and say you buy on limited register yeah sure you cant join ankc but you can join a different organisation and breed it that way ? So all this matters for the ANKC If a person did not care about joining the ankc then none of this would matter to them and they could breed the dog if they wanted ? Obviously with a different organisation tho Because on gumtree i dont see any1 with ankc they are registered breeders with all there other breeding organisations that they are listing
  10. Thank you for your reply, it makes sense. And i just had a look at dogsonline and looked at a few breeds that intrested me every single ad said limited register so i can understand what your saying about ankc been dead End kennals. And the part about the backyard lol , okay one thing i dont understand is if they are breeding them and selling pups going through all the trouble of desexing the pups as you mentioned about the women in the park witch is full on i rekon. If they are so against other people getting into breedering then why are they breeding and selling dogs ? I dont understand. Are are they only breeding to better the breed ? And thats why the sell limited or desexed pups ? Or is it they want to be the only ones breeding dogs ? Can someone explain .. Also technically if you were to buy a pup on limited register of them you could still join a different organisation and breed the pup ? So you would still have the same bloodline except you wouldent own the name sorta thing of its ancestors? Is that how it works ?
  11. So if i did want to show or breed i will need mains ? But from what i read a few comments ago , mains are only needed if you wanted to join dogs nsw / ankc otherwise if u wanted ti join a different breeding organisation u wont need them sbd could still breed right ? As for showing u absolutely need them obviously ye ? But breeding is different depending who you join
  12. I have msged two ANKC members and they didnt want to offer with the main register. Would you say because they werent happy with the pup ? Or ?
  13. Oh wow , okay so if somone wanted to be part of that then obviously they would HAVE TO get a dog with pedigree main register papers. But if another breeder didnt care about that then they could buy a dog without main register and join some other breeding organisation become a licensed breeder then sell the pups legally yeah ? Im assuming thats what the people on gumtree are doing. Also even if you brought of a ANKC member but you only got limited register you wouldent be able to join the ANKC and register the pup because you got a limited register so you cant own the bloodline pedigree but you CAN join some other breeding organisation without the main register and breed and sell the pups legally, is that correct?
  14. So you can join other dog breeding organisations without main register of the dog you own and stil breed them and sell the pups legally?
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