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  1. Thank you for your response...really appreciate your advises -- Yes they are doing both legs at same time
  2. We have just found out our beloved pure breed 9month old Golden Retriever has Elbow dysplasia and needs surgery on both front legs this week ("bilateral (both elbows) elbow arthroscopy and dynamic proximal ulna osteotomy"). I have been warned how intense the recovery is so was reaching out to anyone that has gone through this for any advice or tips to make our dog as comfortable as possible. How did you toilet them when they couldn't weight bare or stand up, any suggestions for set up - did you put them in crate or fence off an area for them? How long before they could walk and any diet suggestions? I have read other forums where some dogs don't recover for at least 12 months and the limping never goes away..anything you have to share would be so appreciated...thank you
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