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  1. Thank you, I’m thrilled to bits!
  2. Thank you for your your further reply. Ironically, after posting my questions, to my utter surprise and delight I was rung on Sunday night with an offer of a girl puppy. Still my preferred choice, but I was very reassured by all the replies that I would enjoy a boy puppy too.
  3. Thanks for your reply, it made me smile! I’m starting to agree re overlap and am thinking that the nurturing and ‘upbringing ‘ is really what counts rather than the actual sex especially when they are neutered.
  4. Thank you for your reply and info about your male dogs. I am certainly feeling much more reassured.
  5. Thank you for your reply - your examples of girls and boy dogs are very interesting and reassuring if I am offered a boy puppy.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Your comment is interesting - why the change from girls - if you have time to answer, will be interested to hear.
  7. Thanks for your comments about your boys and girls. Reassuring about the discharge.
  8. Thank you for your reply and a vote for males! I’ve never noticed a discharge in my females hence my question.
  9. Hullo, Three months ago I had to have my thirteen year old doggie euthanised due to kidney failure. I loved my old doggie dearly as I have all the other female dogs of various pedigrees over my entire (long) life. Due to my/our age, our next dog will be our last one. We know which breed we want and I have my name on a list with three reputable breeders. I’m not on the beginning of the list with any of them and so may have to accept a male puppy rather than my first preference of a female. Whichever sex we end up with will be neutered and taken to puppy class and obedience class and socialised as much as possible in a small remote village and will enjoy a good, happy life as part of our family. Although I have googled both topics, I would love some feedback please - 1. If you have had companion dogs of both sexes, what do you see as the personality differences between male and female? 2. A slightly ‘delicate’ question - is it normal for a neutered male dog to have a penile discharge. Given that I kept my dog clean and was non-shedding, I did allow her on my bed, knee etc - is this likely to be less ‘pleasant’ if we accept a male dog? (Hope I don’t offend anyone with this question). Thank you in advance for any replies.
  10. Hi Jamie, I’m unable to give you any answers to your concern for your puppy - only some support for the difficulties that some dog owners face from uncontrolled dogs. I live in a remote seaside village in Tasmania and I’m absolutely sick of some dog owners thinking they have a ‘god given right’ to allow their dogs off leash regardless of whether they’re actually in an on-lead area; or whether their dog is well-behaved; or whether they have any recall control over them; or whether their dog is from a known aggressive breed or whether they are around a toddler’s playground. I no longer feel safe walking by myself or with my old doggie. People just pull up at toddlers playground and open the car door and three or four dogs jump out and race around without leads around toddlers and some owners don’t even get out of their cars. My old doggie who is always on lead in public, gets frighten and barks at the dogs which worries me in case she provokes them into attacking. I was recently bent over tying my shoelace and a German Shepherd came racing up and knocked me over. The owner laughed and told me not to worry as he’s friendly. I’m 71 and could easily have broken a hip. It gave me such a fright that I thought I was going to end up in A&E as my heart was racing. No apology, no effort to help me back on my feet. My daughter was recently with her small dog in an off lead park and a large dog came racing up to her, jumped up with its wet dirty feet on her chest (my daughter is 5’8” and has a terminal illness) which ruined the new dress she had on. Again, no apology, no offer to replace or dry clean her dress and no effort to control the dog forcing her to leave the park. I won’t even mention the large, disgusting messes that are left on the shoreline polluting the foreshore and the pristine water!! I don’t really know why I’ve written all that except to have a rant about badly behaved dogs and thoughtless owners making it miserable for people who do train and manage their dogs to respect other dogs and their owners - including Jaime’s.
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