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  1. My 6yo German Shepherd has a bad limp in his back leg. Ive taken him to multiple orthopaedic surgeons and specialists and they can't really figure out what's wrong or how to fix it. They've ruled out hip dysplasia or other common causes. One surgeon told me that it's possibly an extremely rare muscle disorder that can sometimes be addressed with surgery, but the muscle grows back anyway so it doesn't solve anything. I've tried to make a follow-up appointment, and the specialists keep telling me politely that there's nothing more they can do, so there's no point wasting my money on a consult. I went to my local vet to talk about how we can manage my dog's chronic pain and quality of life with medication, and they just throw me back in the loop by saying I should speak to a specialist. I'm getting nowhere, all while my dog continues to limp around in pain because apparently there are no vets interested in medicating him. What can I do?
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