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  1. Hi hoping someone can help we purchased a puppy September 5, @ 8 weeks of age, had regularly visits with him from 6 weeks of age. @12 weeks vaccination, puppy showed aggression towards Vet, Vet proceeded to highlight major concerns around puppies behaviour at a young age, the puppy choosing fight not flight claiming a major problem he stated this was only the second puppy of this age to behave this way he had encountered in his career. Partner and I make the difficult decision to rehome. Place ad on website October 13, potential buyer makes contact and agrees to meet the puppy Saturday, October 16. Potential buyer suggests a 7 day trial to ensure the puppy is a fit for her and to ensure we were okay with the rehoming, seeing how distraught my daughter was. Payment is made (buyer taking puppy home) buyers daughter rushes me through the microchip/ownership transfer, assisting me to print off internet. I complete our portion, buyer doesn’t want to complete hers stating she will sort once home. My partner was outside attending to the puppy prior to the buyer taking him. No receipt was given for puppy as trial in place. October 19 my partner calls to request the end of the trial as daughter is not coping, no sleeping, breaking down into tears continually. Buyer refuses to return puppy claiming the trial was only if the puppy didn’t fit with her. What we have realised is my partner is the registered owner not me as stated in the ownership/microchip. Is there a way we can get our puppy back happily returning the funds. Do we have any legal rights to take him back.
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