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  1. Sorry been busy caring for the 5 little ones cleaning, feeding them cleaning and feeding all over again. Yes I checked in on my girl every couple of days she was in good hands and one of the staff from my vet also works there so they knew to look out for her. She is home now and has settled straight back in well with her puppies. The puppies are eating and drinking from bowls and are growing and developing super fast with there differing little personalities shining through
  2. Thank you everyone that commented It was appreciated. I must say now I feel like I have made a bad decision although my heart was in the right spot I just wanted her to not be extremely stressed which she was.
  3. She was pretty stressed that is the only reason we agreed. The kennel we took her to I know them personally and they know all the background and are breeders so I felt comfortable she is in good hands.
  4. Update: I took my girl and babies to the vet on Monday which they gave Gracee a sedative to take Monday night to help her get a good nights sleep as she was not sleeping she slept all night. They advised that to help her not be so stressed to get someone to look after her for a couple of weeks. We made the decision to kennel her for a couple of weeks which was not an easy decision. I really miss her. Her babies are doing really well and are feeding well from bottle and gaining weight. Boy oh boy what an adjustment for me it is like have 5 newborns all over again with 3am feeds but so rewarding. My girl will be home in about 10 days and I hope she is not too annoyed with me. I opted for the pamper package at the pet resort - reiki, massages and daily walks so she might even be like “who is this human” when I go to pick her up. :-)
  5. Thanks for the suggestions about the sedative she is so stressed whining, barking and panting that this would be beneficial for her. I like the onies idea will go to the op shop today as I don’t have a local Kmart or big w. Was planning a visit to the vet today to see what they can help me with. I know it is not going to be an easy few days. My mains concerns is getting the pups to accept the bottle and ease my girls stress levels. She is such a good mum that she misses tending to them
  6. My Shih Tzu came down with Hypocalcaemia late on Friday evening. She has made a really good recovery however she is now losing her mind about not being with her 2 week old puppies which I am now bottle feeding. The vet said to have the pups where she can see them but she is fretting and barking almost all day. She even broke into there whelping box just to check on them and give them a sneaky feed. I don’t want to risk her getting ill again. What have others done in similar situations? Have you left your puppies in clear view of the mum or have you moved them out of sight? I just want the best for her and to have the least amount of stress for her. appreciate you thoughts and suggestions
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