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  1. Hi Deeds Yes it was one of those new specialists clinics.
  2. Hi Deeds Yes there were staff attending overnight but I have a lot of red flags over why this operation went ahead I don't think she was in any condition to handle an operation like this but they gave my wife unrealistic outcomes to go ahead and I couldn't say no.
  3. A kind thank you for your answers. Sadly Cali never made it back home. She died at the surgery the next day and now we are having ethical and moral disagreements with this particular vet service over several issues about her care and what they are charging us for. Thanks everyone
  4. Hi My dog has a large mass in her left lung. The CT scan and samples indicate a malignant tumour. She is 10 years old and the surgeon wants to do major surgery to remove her lung and if successful she might live another 2-3 months or maybe a year. Can anyone tell me if this procedure will be too risky at her age and should it be left alone and just managed in her condition. Thanks in advance.
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