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  1. Hello, first post.. Wondering if anyone can help me understand why Australian breeders are seemingly so non-responsive to any forms of communication. This might sound like an imminent self-entitled rant about everybody having to drop everything and answer my questions - not at all. I'm very patient and really only want to have a quick convo about whether there are any planned litters / surrendered dogs for sale etc. Speaking here about Akita breeders - both AA and JA variants. If breeder webpages, online listings, or Facebook etc were updated it'd most likely answer my questions 100% Most are out of date by at least a few years, the worst being 10 years. When I bought my first dog 12 years ago nearly, I remember calling around different breeders and nearly couldn't get them off the phone lol.. times have certainly changed. Has the "pandemic" had an impact on these breeding programs in general? I haven't found anything conclusive about that, but would be interested to know - or maybe some other issue has caused issues for breeders across Oz.. again just spitballing. I understand they probably receive many enquiries - in my executive job I get upwards of 80 emails per day which I have to action in some way so I understand their stress in that regard. I don't have a dog kennel to manage but I do have a team of people to manage - my point being that we all have some type of burden on our time so whilst I understand, I don't really accept the excuse - for me it's a bit of a cop out, but I also understand not everybody wants to spend all day chasing up every last thing. I'm happy to wait a few days, or a week for a reply, I don't need instant gratification, but just a quick chat that resolves my enquiry at some point would do. The closest I've come to contact with an Akita breeder has been someone's partner yelling half a hello down the phone and then taking my number and advising she'd call back when she's available. Never heard back. I don't like being a pest with repeated calls and attempts at getting in touch - if someone tries that with me i usually just block them. Trying really hard not to be self-centred here, but it's getting pretty frustrating attempting contact after contact and getting literally nowhere. Finding an Akita on the Trading Post or other type of selling platform is pretty rare I have noticed, but given how incommunicative most of these breeders seemingly are it's becoming more the likely option - basically just create an ad alert and wait.
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