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  1. Not posting a photo or name.JUst wanted to know if throwback from that far back was possible.Rebanne answered my question
  2. MY dog is purebred from a reputable breeder she is on the limited register. I have been asked quite a few times from people with bull terriers if she is a crossbreed. She has a very fine build with long skinny legs and a snipe head and pig jaw. She also has a long kinked curly tail. She has developed startle aggression and is now medicated for it. The breeder told me she is a throwback from a 5th or 6th generation of terrier type dogs. We paid a lot of money for her and several people have said we should get a partial refund. Her trainer said she is a soft dog as she has a lot of anxiety and fears we are working through.I know genetics play a big part so is it possible for her to be a throwback from a 5th or 6th generation
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