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  1. Thank you Rebanne, Where should I be checking if the puppy is actually micro-chipped? Is there a website to look up the microchip number? Also, other than making sure that the breeder has a supply/BIN number, is there any thing else I should be checking about the breeder?
  2. I intend to get a pom puppy. The puppy is only 6 weeks old, and I have to wait 2 more weeks to bring him home. I live on the Gold Coast, and the breeder is in Sunny coast. I am meeting with the breeder on Sunday. Basically, I wonder what the must ask questions are, and what pitfals I should be wary of? Of the top of my head: how many bodies I should register the puppy with? City Council, AKNC, DOGS QLD etc.? Do puppy adopters/buyers usually sign a contract? Should I insist on having one signed? Should the microchip transfer papers be signed upon collecting the puppy? Thank you! Lettie
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