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  1. https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/member.asp?name=BODHRAN
  2. PETA would like the rock band Hunters and Collectors to change their name as they believe it encourage people to go out and hunt animals. Seriously! article
  3. Please don't turn this into a thread to bag out designer breeds. I notice Troy is doing his part to make people stop and think with some warnings and reading material on the puppy listing page http://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/puppies/french-bulldog.asp Are there breed clubs for Frenchies?
  4. 72 litters is unbelievable if you consider that a far more common breed like the Staffy has only 42 litters advertised. I would be upset and fearing for the future of the breed also Mjosa. Frightening indeed.
  5. I was just perusing the French bulldog DOL pages and although I thought this was a hard to come by breed, there is currently 72 puppy notices! Isn't this rather a lot? Has there been a boom in breeding due to the high prices they command? Are they still selling madly, and are breeders still getting the 4-5k prices they are asking?
  6. Registered breeders do not and cannot sell their pups prior to 8 weeks of age, so I gather this is a backyard breeder? Have the parents had health tests? If the "breeder" is so keen to get rid of them that early that is a huge red flag. Certainly not raised with the care they should have and who knows what else may be wrong. are they wormed, vaccinated, vet checked? Do they have hereditary diseases? Can you get your money back?
  7. http://www.cockerspanielclubvic.org/about-the-breed.asp
  8. The best thing to use is vet wrap. It conforms to the dogs feet and stays on. I tried many different types of boot and never found any that I was happy with.
  9. No they are out, they are the first ones I buy it from.
  10. Having trouble finding this product, does anyone know of any suppliers that may have some in stock please?
  11. That is poor management on your part. If an owner is educated and responsible there will be no issues in managing entire dogs. Desexing is purely for the benefit of people who cannot adequately manage bitches in season. I am not sure how a phantom pregnancy could be distressing for you??
  12. You need to ask the breeder. This is sent to them and they are supposed to forward it to you.
  13. Why not ring CLipperworld and ask the staff. There are lots of options there http://clipperworld.com.au/clippers/wahl-clippers-c248.html
  14. http://www.yarraranges.vic.gov.au/Lists/Latest-news/Update-Lillydale-Lake-clear-of-Blue-green-algae-risk
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