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  1. We have a German Shepherd bitch, 62 days pregnant, first litter. One tie on the 23rd of February. 

    Pregnant with 6, possibly 7 pure bred pups. 
    She is currently day 62, with limited signs of labor anytime soon. 
    She is accustomed to her whelping box and sleeps in it for most of the day. 
    Her puppies are very active and they seem they are keen to get out as soon as possible but mum has not yet started nesting. 


    Temp checked her this morning and temp was at 37.4 and then again at 4pm it was 37.5. It’s been fluctuating for a couple days but today being the lowest so far. 
    She is still eating small amounts but has had a bit of diarrhoea today, she is also doing a lot of wees.
    She has clear stringy discharge which she cleans up herself and occasionally is grooming her teats and vulva. 

    She seems to have been in a bit of discomfort for the last couple days and will not lay still for very on and will always sleep on her side. 

    How long after 63 days should we wait until we contact her vet? 
    Or does it sound like she will be whelping soon?

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