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  1. my thoughts are with you at this heartbreaking time. I will be thinking of Jenna as she passes over the bridge big hugs to you
  2. quick check up.. Amhailte how did you go with your boys pad? did it heal quickly?? charli still has a huge slice in hers, ive tried everything but she is just too bouncy and just keeps splitting the wound. She has been to the Vet 3 times!! Did the boots work? if only she realised let it be and she can go back to the park again
  3. amhailte, my staffie just cut her pad pretty seriously on the weekend. The vet told us to use Paidaid, but she was just too hyperactive and she ended up aggrivating it more. She has been to the Vet twice now to get it dressed and has to go back tomorrow as it just kept bleeding, she is also on antibiotics. It really is important to keep them still, but so hard to do! good luck with it!
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