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  1. Very disappointing outcome.
  2. Saw this on the news this morning, seems that the farm was reported, RSPCA investigated and the owner surrendered them. All small breeds, they didn't look too bad in the news clip (if you wanted to watch it, but weren't sure if it was too isn't) but that was just a few of them. STORY The dogs are going to be carefully treated and re-socialised before they look for new homes, Mr Coleman explained. "It's our experience over the years that these animals that are born and bred in these sorts of activities or environments are very difficult to socialise," he said. "We will continue to work with our rescue partners and our foster carers to make sure these animals get the best chance that they can given the challenging circumstances they have come from." After the dogs have returned to health, they will be given to breed-specific rescue services across NSW and those services will advertise when the dogs are ready for a new home. The problem with puppy farms The Goulburn raid comes after another puppy farm was taken to court last week with similar animal welfare concerns. In that case, related to another puppy farm near Goulburn, the breeder pleaded guilty to 12 charges of animal cruelty for her care of 71 dogs and puppies seized last year. Mr Coleman said there were about one or two puppy farms reported to NSW RSPCA each month. "That might not sound like a lot but when one of those deals with nearly 100 animals that's a massive impact, a massive resource strain on our organisation," he said. The NSW Government has held an inquiry into puppy farms, with more than 300 submissions giving evidence of horrific allegations of neglect and abuse in some breeding facilities. The NSW Minister for puppies, also known as the Minister for Primary Industries, Regional Water, Trade and Industry, Niall Blair, said the Government had taken up 27 out of 34 recommendations after that consultation. There was a new online NSW Pet Registry available to trace dogs and cats from breeder to owner. "The register captures breeder and animal information that can be shared amongst agencies, while avoiding the duplication of services," Mr Blair said. They also provided an extra $200,000 for public awareness about purchasing puppies from puppy farms unawares and encourage reporting to the RSPCA. The RSCPA said there was an ongoing effort to get more accountability and traceability into dog breeding. "One of the massive gaps in this process is that right now someone can legitimately create a business," he said. "You're not required to have any experience, skill sets, capacity, if you've got a shed you can start breeding animals and start selling them." They continued to appeal to the public to be wary and question dog breeders about the source when they were purchasing a puppy.
  3. Aww, Mal is just being environmentally friendly.
  4. My old boy (now passed on) used to love licking windows, and floors, and feet, and pretty much everything. Min can't walk straight when she has a coat on, she goes sideways, kinda like a drunk trying to walk a straight line She also will get into any car that has a door open and lay down on the seat, apparently goes deaf as well because she didn't come when I was frantically calling her name for ages thinking she had somehow gotten out of the front yard and was lost, searched up and down the street whistling....come home sad and spot a flash of white as I pass the car, ahah! Little minx. She also steals socks, the smellier the better, and used to hide them behind a chair, but that escalated to actually eating one of my sons friends socks (he'd stayed over) in one gulp. Luckily it came out the other end in one piece. Gross. And when she's sitting down and she farts, she jumps up quickly to see what this mysterious thing is making the noise Lately she's become a bit obsessed when I put Sorbolene cream on my feet, she wants to lick it off, its like it's the most tastiest thing ever and she must have it. Weirdo dog
  5. Great news @Yonjuro, I'm so pleased they found a pup!
  6. Link to her website
  7. @Nekhbet on here is great, Inline K9 is the website.
  8. :
  9. DDD, He might have a mental illness, or he might just be a horrible person. That's what the courts are for, I'm just glad they found him.
  10. Look at that face, I wanna smoosh it.
  11. I'd advise your parents not to get a dog unless they are the ones training and looking after it. Especially another puppy, two can be twice the trouble, and it looks like you have enough to do with your dog. I'd (IMHO) wait until your dog is older, probably around 2 yrs old until introducing another dog.
  12. Nothing like a good walk DDD, I bet the boys loved it, all those trees to mark and new sniffs!
  13. It is scary
  14. From what I know of Mind Dog, any dog can (potentially) be an accredited one, breed/coat/age etc doesn't come into it. I've seen German Shepherds, Labs, Kelpies, etc on the Mind Dog FB page, and a member on here had her own dog accredited by them, so it's possibly the OP preference for those requirements. Good Luck in your search, I'd also be looking at an adolescent or older dogs rather than puppies, as by the time the puppy is old enough to train, it's going to take a lot longer.
  15. Aww, he really does sound like a real little character, I'm sure he's going to make some lucky person/family very happy! Following you around so closely, clever little man not missing out on any of the action. Both he and Stevie are very lucky to have you as their foster mum.