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  1. Link to her website
  2. @Nekhbet on here is great, Inline K9 is the website.
  3. :
  4. DDD, He might have a mental illness, or he might just be a horrible person. That's what the courts are for, I'm just glad they found him.
  5. Look at that face, I wanna smoosh it.
  6. I'd advise your parents not to get a dog unless they are the ones training and looking after it. Especially another puppy, two can be twice the trouble, and it looks like you have enough to do with your dog. I'd (IMHO) wait until your dog is older, probably around 2 yrs old until introducing another dog.
  7. Nothing like a good walk DDD, I bet the boys loved it, all those trees to mark and new sniffs!
  8. It is scary
  9. From what I know of Mind Dog, any dog can (potentially) be an accredited one, breed/coat/age etc doesn't come into it. I've seen German Shepherds, Labs, Kelpies, etc on the Mind Dog FB page, and a member on here had her own dog accredited by them, so it's possibly the OP preference for those requirements. Good Luck in your search, I'd also be looking at an adolescent or older dogs rather than puppies, as by the time the puppy is old enough to train, it's going to take a lot longer.
  10. Aww, he really does sound like a real little character, I'm sure he's going to make some lucky person/family very happy! Following you around so closely, clever little man not missing out on any of the action. Both he and Stevie are very lucky to have you as their foster mum.
  11. Aww, little cuties, love Benji though
  12. Oh gosh, isn't he just gorgeous? Definitely looks like he has the wrong head to match the body
  13. well, that escalated quickly. I doubt personal attacks/name calling will help anybody, we can only try and educate people on puppy farms and why it isn't advisable to purchase designer dogs. We won't reach everybody, but now that the deed is done, it's best they stick around and feel welcomed enough to ask for help if it's needed with other things like training, etc.
  14. Beautiful girls, almost seem like they are smiling for the camera!
  15. What a great outcome, I wonder if she did live rough for 4 years or if someone had her for a while and then she got out again? LINK "She also buried her head straight into my mum's legs. Same with my aunty Cheryl about an hour later, Sammy always loved her and she got straight up and was so happy to see her." Ms Lee said Sammy was re-adjusting well to life back at home. "She's very happy and relaxed just very exhausted," she said. Sammy was reconnected with her family thanks to some detective work by Lauren, the co-ordinator of a local lost pets Facebook page. Lauren checked images against reported sightings of a "golden-coloured dog" in the area, and went back through old social media posts to find Ms Lee. No microchip could be detected, so body markings were used to confirm Sammy's identity. Photo: Sammy left seven young puppies behind when she went missing. (Supplied) "Sammy had quite a unique caesarean scar, and she also had a unique number of nipples," Lauren said. "We've also organised DNA testing just to confirm, but at this stage it's 99.9 per cent certain that it's Sammy." Pineapples believed to have kept Sammy going in the wild Sammy was in surprising good health for a domestic pet which had been living in the wild for years. But she had a gory leg wound which required surgery. "It looked like an old injury that had been left untreated, it was all infected and not a pretty sight," Lauren said. "She wasn't as thin and you might expect from a dog who has been living in the wild, and her teeth are in a really bad condition." Veterinarians believe Sammy survived on a diet of pineapples, scavenged from local farms. "Her teeth have worn in a similar way to what a wild dog's teeth would have," Lauren said. "A lot of the wild dogs in that area actually live on the pineapples from the pineapple farms, and the pineapple rots their teeth." But despite the years, Sammy instantly remembered her owners the second she was called. "She responded to her name instantly which is quite amazing. And she nuzzled straight into her legs," Lauren said. Sammy now sports a green cast on her right leg, while her wounds heal.