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  1. Is there a way to search for a DogsNSW prefix and member number without actually contacting dogsNSW? Someone advertising pups on a page local to me but I can find neither the supposed prefix or the number quoted in any google search. Originally didn't have either posted in the add and got quite aggressive when people asked for them.
  2. Paid For The Dog But Never Got The Papers

    Contact the member body in the state the pup came from
  3. Aaargh, People Who Don't Chip/register Their Dogs

    Well that was interesting. One lady asks if she has to get her pup chipped and so many people told her its not compulsory(in Vic) I was gobsmacked. It has been law there since 2007, I can't believe so many people not only have no clue but are happy to wrongly advise others of the legal requirements!
  4. Aaargh, People Who Don't Chip/register Their Dogs

    Jemmy just details not being updated when people move and things like that
  5. Which Breed Was Your First Dog?

    first family dog as a child was a yellow lab, she was insane and drove my mother to tears quite often. My first dog of my own was Beau a lab X boxer with we think a bit of mastiff in the mix. he was a lovely calm boofhead of a dog and very easy to live with.
  6. here is is: http://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/258297-perth-wa-help-with-anxious-pointer-pup/page__p__6530783__hl__%2Bkate+%2Blindsey__fromsearch__1#entry6530783
  7. I'm sure I saw a post a while back about 'both the Kates being good' will see if I can find it
  8. Existing Dogs And New Kitten

    Do you have a leave it command that the dogs know? We often have a lot of small animals in our yard, at the moment there are 40 chicks from 1-5 weeks old and a couple of ducklings too. The dogs will follow them around checking out what they are doing and it sounds similiar, it's not aggressive of anything, they just like to see what they are doing LOL. To start with when they are all loose together I watch them and any time the dogs look like wandering over and getting in the way I tell them to 'leave it' which they know to mean 'mind your own business' LOL Once they lay down and ignore the small animals I praise them from a distance and then just ignore them.
  9. Not long ago I joined a lost pets page on facebook as I was looking up an ad that I wanted to share and wow, the frustration level is insane! The number of people who put up lost dog posts that say the dog isn't even chipped and the ones that are even worse are the ones that will classically fall under BSL if they hit the pound. It makes me so sad for the dogs that suffer as a result. Was looking at one just now, tan coloured taller staffy type with a red nose, not chipped or registered, well we all know where that's going if it ends up in the pound... People talk about how devestated they are and that it's their childrens dog but they can't even be arsed taking the simplest step that will stand their dog a decent chance of getting back to them if it gets lost.
  10. Existing Dogs And New Kitten

    Do you have a puppy fence or baby pen so they can spend time in the same room together and lose the novelty without the dogs bothering him
  11. Ticks - Dumb Question

    I don't find it too painful. I just keep a spray bottle near the gate as a quick mist before we head out for walkies. Just like putting insect repellent on myself, very easy that way. :)
  12. Ticks - Dumb Question

    yeah I don't know either, maybe it's the imidacloprid that bothers her for some reason or the combo of two chemicals at the same time or maybe just the fact that it's a spot on(she becomes very skin touch sensitive around her shoulders). Whatever the reason the reaction is very clear so we just avoid it now.
  13. Which Breed Is Right For The First Time Dog Owner?

    I suspect there are some breeds that are less likely to suit a first time owners, but that's not the same as never suiting a first time owner, just that any first time owner would need to be especially dedicated to learning about that breed.
  14. Ticks - Dumb Question

    Yeah ticks are pretty much year round now, in fact last year I got 4 ticks myself in one day in August! I mostly use Permoxin on my dogs as one of my girls has a bad reaction to Advantix, I put it in a spray bottle and leave it under the patio and spray their undercarriage especially before we head out on walks in the bushy areas. It also has the advantage of costing around $1 per spray bottle which is handy!
  15. Which Breed Is Right For The First Time Dog Owner?

    Yes that's all I was getting at SG, that if the person doesn't suit the dog and doesn't understand the particular temperament characteristics of the breed/individual then they aren't going to have a good experience with that dog. Most basset breeders would say bassets aren't for a novice owner, they are stubborn and many people aren't prepared for the challenge of training a stubborn dog that will literally just do it's own thing unless you can offer it something better. But personally I find them an easy breed to work with whereas I think I'd go insane training a lab or a terrier. That said puddleduck as you suggested it's pretty unusual to find a basset with aggression issues, being a pack hound they are usually a very friendly breed who loves to be around people.