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  1. Dog / Wolf Comparison:

    Agreed Sand or is it grubber grubber sounds like an insult. You grubber. haha I liked the article I think it showed a good perspective as well as the replies he provided underneath in the comments section.
  2. What To Put In The Backyard For Dogs?

    I can picture this huge moose making this chewbacca noise like ORRGHEEHJHJDN or however the noise is and the dogs trotting behind him :p I read somewhere a good at home toy for a dog is a chew toy or tug rope soaked in beef, chicken or pork stock over night or even for a few days if possible then you leave it in the backyard and the dogs love it. Haven't tried it myself need to get a sturdy tug toy worthy of Bossington's choppers.
  3. What To Put In The Backyard For Dogs?

    Is that a tree or a type of moose? If it's the latter can you post to me too. I'm sure the boys would enjoy chasing a giant moose ahaha :p
  4. Adelaide Nightstalker

    Rott as scary as your dogs look even if they charged me if I was breaking in I'd try and steal a kiss. I'd be like come here they'd probably eat my flesh but at least I get bully love ahah :p In regards to having a dog around your house it is safer, usually even a maltese is a good deterrent because dog barks makes noise people wake up criminal (hopefully) buckles and runs away. If it is a more dangerous area a bigger dog in the yard is probably a deterrent. I heard a while ago that if someone comes into your yard e.g trespasses for whatever reasons and they get bitten that your dogs cannot be liable because they were on your property? I don't know if that's changed but I hope not. I'd like to see a big chunk missing from any robbers ass regardless from a chi or a dane.
  5. What To Put In The Backyard For Dogs?

    You can install spring poles!!! But probably only if you have a dog more interested in tug or bull breed type. They're real cool but and Ida when can I come :p I want to sit in a sled while your dogs pull me? Sorry to off topic Ida but how much weight can your dogs pull? And do you get the sleds specially made or do you go to a specialist store?
  6. Dog / Wolf Comparison:

    Or should I maybe pm you cause I'm off topicing again
  7. Dog / Wolf Comparison:

    I've tried every food liver, pork, cheese, crumbles, motivators etc his distraction is far too high and his a pet shop puppy so he as issues. He was very fussy when younger ad would probably only eat once every two days that is without me feeding him I just leave the food out I know he wont starve. Very lure orientated. Bossington will eat the fingers off your hand if you let him. Sorry Aidan what breeds do you own and what methods do you use mainly with yours? And do you use e collars also or are you against them?
  8. Dog / Wolf Comparison:

    Thanks heaps Aidan!! Oh sorry for off topicing it That's actually really good! Oh I'm fit I run the boys for two hours daily then forty minutes flirt pole He doesn't enjoy tug as much as he loves the lure. That's a real good idea! I might take some video and see how we go.
  9. Dog / Wolf Comparison:

    By the way Rajah knows sit, drop, stay, come, beg, give (release what is in his mouth immediately), speak, search and jump (over things etc) He is well behaved in general. But whenever there is dogs within sight he gets excited and distracted. On leash perfect because I use check chains (Oh no I'm an animal abuser) but off leash recall needs to be better ONLY when other dogs around otherwise it's good. Boss is perfect. Boss is treat and click trained so positive works great with him. Rajah is not so easily given into currency.
  10. Dog / Wolf Comparison:

    That's ok Aidan more than happy for a discussion Corvus before you're so quick to deem every training method out dated or old school or useless. Look at the work these trainers do. Jump on their website. They are great trainers. People will always have an opinion about what they believe is the best training method but no one said you had to use one. There can be a variety. This is the same crap I see you dissing on Mr Milan for too. Because you don't agree with his methods. You don't agree? But look at his great rehabilitation work? Look how many dogs he has in his care etc. You all argue that it is abuse? That is opinion. I would love to meet Mr Milan he is great. Self educated. Now I'm not saying his methods should be applied to ALL dogs I don't think as a trainer you should need to have or use only one method. If positive works for one it may not work for another? Corvus you're all about positive I would love to give you Rajah and see how you go with him. Not food orientated, not treat orientated, not praise orientated he likes the flirt pole but other than that? You could stand there with any food in the world he wont even look at you he just does not like food he'll eat dinner but he does not take treats outside of the yard ever. So for example I wanted you to train him to sit and stay very simple how would you? And I don't mean in a quiet non distraction environment (in the yard) I mean in a heavy distraction area. E.G park with plenty of other dogs there (he is very dog orientated). How would you do so? Like I said he will not take food from you. How would you do so in positive? The flirt pole is his exercise tool but I haven't tried it as a training tool. There are other dogs roaming around not necessarily near him but within sight. How would you ensure Rajah does not run off while keeping his focus with your positive other than the obvious a lead? Like I said HE WILL NOT take food from you I guarantee. So how would you train him? Interesting question. Entire six year old male. No aggression issues or anything like that just very bad recall and focus when dogs are around. Due to the entirety likes to roam and pee. His recall is about 80 percent. Needs to be better. It is a legit question cause I don't use positive with him so I would like to see if what you recommend will work.
  11. Dog/puppy Buyer Scam!

    Def mystiq you know the scammers went to the trouble of creating a false site like some one also posted above it was a fake shipping company. I clicked on it but I could tell it wasn't legit. I'm not slow Australia has STRICT quarantine policies and when I asked how long it would take to quarantine and what facility it would be held in the answers stopped coming. They were just saying, 'Send money to account and once received we will transport macaw.' I got shifty as soon as they said they were overseas it would be highly stressful for an exotic parrot to undergo cargo without strict planning. They couldn't even send me photos of the bird. I mean they could have googled :p
  12. 4 Pitbulls Maul Us Woman To Death

    I would not ever leave a child unsupervised with ANY animal PERIOD. I don't like children. Any animal be it a bird to a bullie should always be under the supervision of an adult. A child may do demeaning things to the animal, antagonise it etc the animal may bite, or react. If you are a parent and ever leave your child alone unsupervised with an animal especially a dog you are a FOOL. PERIOD. No justification, nothing. Animals are unpredictable and it is your job as the parent to ensure both your child and animal are safe in each others presence. Do I think pits are good with children? Heck yes! Do I think they should be left alone? Never no matter how much you trust your dog. What happened to this lady is so sad. What a sad, painful, terrifying way to die. No one should ever suffer her pain ever. Nor should these dogs ever be forgiven immediately they should be put to sleep. No questions. I don't care what they are ANY dog that attacks a human unprovoked like that should be put to sleep. Unprovoked human aggression should never be tolerated. Period.
  13. Dog / Wolf Comparison:

    http://selfhelpdogtraining.com/wordpress/?p=124 You all need to read this blog. Very experienced very good US trainers. Might learn something.
  14. Dog Friendly Cafes

    Aww Stan *hugs* You poor thing. I have had the same thing but not at cafes anywhere public I take my dogs. I get the evil glare look and I always get the comment, 'Savage dogs like that should not be allowed near children!' Or, 'I hate the look of those dangerous dogs' It's always accompanied by the evil glare, hiss and inappropriate comments but of course we know my dogs are social, placid creatures. I do what you do glare then tisk very loudly when it's their dog pulling at the leash snarling and barking at mine (usually little ones). I don't mind giving them the evil glare back and if needed a comment. No harm in that (as long as it's not abusive) next time I'd subtly say, mate the point of dog cafes is to bring the dogs. If you are not comfortable find a new cafe. It's not your dogs who are uncomfortable or you, at the end of the day these whiney scrapes of moss in society need to build a bridge and get the funk over it or grow under it I don't care as long as they don't annoy us pet owners. Don't worry Stan's you did the right thing. I'm exactly the same I don't have kids, and I don't go to the park and go get your grubby little infant away from me, tell him to stop having vegemite around his mouth and boogers out his nose cause it disgusts me. You just realise you're in a park and that comes with the territory :p As long as your dogs were responsibly and adequately restrained and behaved then stuff em.
  15. Hey Corvus and Cos! Thanks for the advice so basically UNI is more theory more work less practical? Some of the DELTA course look really great my tafe teacher just completed it she said they killed a million trees sending her the correspondence :p Well once I do cert four I really want another training outlet because the DELTA courses look really good. Are they all nationally recognied? Cosmo no trainer to shadow yet but I'll have a look around I'm in NSW if anyone wants to offer. :p So basically what you're saying is it doesnt necessarily mean whats on paper but more what you ca apply practically? Corvus have you done any other courses?