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  1. Thanks for that link....but is it wide enough ?? The aluminium work bench isn't on its own of course, but the board you put on top makes it wide enough, like I said you do have to be careful if the dog stood with totally all his weight on one side, it could tip. However I have 2 large Bernese Mountain dogs and find that it works well for them, they sit and stand on it and haven't tipped it. Of course I am with them all the time they are on the table! I would take a photo, but it is down at the kennels and it is pouring rain at the moment, so not venturing down there just yet :laugh:
  2. My husband made me a grooming table with an Adjustable aluminium work platform from bunnings around $60. He screwed a platform on top made of ply and then we put some artificial grass carpet on top, so it didn't slip, but you could use a rubber mat or something similar. He put an aluminium edge around the platform. It has 3 heights. I groom my Bernese Mountain dogs on it and find it very sturdy. You just need to get the dimensions of the top right, so if the dog stands to the side it won't tip. On the lowest adjustment my big dogs can easily step up. I can sit on a stool and groom them! Love it! The legs also fold down, so it is pretty portable. http://www.bunnings.com.au/products_product_adjustable-aluminium-work-platform_617.aspx?search=Aluminium+work+bench&searchType=any&searchSubType=products
  3. I have a litter of 11 labradors that are almost 3 weeks old, so not a small dog like a poodle. For the first few days we rotated them each feed day and night, making sure the 3 that didn't get a teat first, was put on first the next feed. However after a few days, we stopped rotating at night and just started rotating them for some of the day feeds. I weighed them each day to see how much weight they were gaining and all were gaining weight. After the first week I haven't rotated them at all. They are extremely feisty pups, they fight there way in for a feed. I haven't started them on solids yet, will do next week, but am so surprised at how well they are all growing with no intervention (except for the first 2 or 3 days of rotating). I thought I would have to supplement them, but have just been feeding mum very well and she hasn't lost weight, if anything she has put on weight as well.
  4. So sorry to hear of the losses of pups! Missymoo, when my girls have lumpy, hot sore boobs, I put very warm washes(as warm as was possible & safe) on their boobs while the pups are actually on feeding, I have only had to do it for a few feeds and then it seems to right itself. One of my girls each litter got very sore, lumpy boobs, but it never developed into mastitis. Good luck.
  5. Hi everyone, I haven't been on here a lot lately as I have been quite busy. Just letting you know Daisy who was due on the 10th April, had 11 pups, 8 girls, 3 boys on the 10th! She whelped them extremely quickly and easily having all 11 in just under 4 hours! They are 6 days old and all doing really well, gaining heaps of weight, with no extra supplementing at all. The first few days we rotated them a bit, but now they all just get in and first in grabs a teat, then they get pushed off and the last few have their fill. I think this has been the easiest whelping and litter so far that we have had, with very little interference from me, just lots of watching and cuddling.
  6. Here is an idividual shot of my little ones. They are getting so cute, not just little fat slugs now, but starting to develop some character. Rumour (little girl) Gossip (Little girl) Ned Jnr. (Little boy) Another one of little Rumour
  7. Congratulations everyone on your pups and so sorry for the losses of some. My little litter of 3 were 2 weeks old yesterday and have been the most content, happy little pups. Mum is doing a great job, she had way too much milk initially but quickly adjusted and they had all doubled their birth weight in 7 days and tripled it in 10 days. So doing VERY well. However they have only just got up on their legs in the last few days, I guess being a bit chubby and not having to fight for the milk bar they didn't see the need to move too much. Their eyes are now open and they are starting to play a bit with each other.
  8. Oh my goodness, well done! Hope they all thrive and she handles mothering them all. Have a well deserved rest!
  9. Congratulations so far Underfoot....I know all about slow whelpers. Hope all goes well for the rest of them.
  10. Litter of Labrador Retrievers due April10th! Edited to add "Hopefully"
  11. I can't advice on vets in Melbourne, but I would wait until day 28! Good luck
  12. I am so sorry jr_inoz. You must be devastated, but glad the mum is ok. Thinking of you.
  13. Have been doing the warm washers, she has had a litter before and gets lumpy boobs even with a large litter, so have been doing what I normally do. The pups themselves seem to have a preference for a few nipples, so am letting them pick at this stage. I am sure in a few days it will settle down, I think her milk is just starting to come in!
  14. Here are a few pictures of my little litter, pups 1 day old. Mum is doing a great job, but look at her boobies...huge, and a little lumpy, so will have to watch that. I can't believe how easy a little litter is! Mum can do it all and plenty of nipples to go around!
  15. I am not worried at all that we have a small litter this time. Some puppy buyers are going to be disappointed, but I have just mated another girl last week, so they won't have to wait too long, if they want to wait that is. I wanted a couple of girls for myself from this litter and got 2 girls, Hopefully they will both be good enough to keep, so happy with that! You are right so much less stressful than worrying if they all get enough to drink, I will be worrying that the mum doesn't develop mastitis as she is always a good producer and her boobies are enormous, for 3 little pups. Underfoot your girl looks so uncomfortable....I think there are a lot in there :) Good luck!
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