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  1. Hi all. My daughter will be getting a puppy in a week or so and I was seeking recommendations for a good vet for her. She lives in Braybrook, Melbourne, so around that general area would be great. We have always lived in Canberra, so have no experience of vets in Vic at all, so if I can send her to someone decent right from the outset, it would be a good comfort to us both. As an offset from this request, if you are able to advise of any vets to avoid, that would also be useful. Happy for that info to be PM'd if you don't want to put it on a public forum. Thanks in advance
  2. I'd be pretty chuffed to get a bill like that for emergency treatment, particularly when it involved sedation as well. Not much choice here in Canberra for emergency treatment.
  3. I don't know if it's an updated news article now, but the video in that link included a neighbour saying they had roamed and attacked before and the reporter also mentions that neighbours had previously reported the dogs. Very sad for all involved.
  4. Roaming dogs - no indication in the story there was anything preceding the attack. Owner went to assist and was also injured. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-29/woman-dead-in-dog-attack-on-nsw-south-coast/12100630
  5. No restrictions on them in the ACT, and while all dogs are meant to be desexed, we all know how little use the law is without it being enforced. It is also possible to apply for a permit to keep a sexually entire dog. I'm not saying people are breeding then en masse in the ACT and then exporting them, just that there are plenty of them here.
  6. Sounds like a very responsible owner. (The parents of the child not so much. Despite being a very competent swimmer, panic changes everything) http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/hero-rottweiler-basil-saves-girl-who-fell-into-lake-burley-griffin-at-kingston-foreshore-20180217-h0w8p6.html Jarrad Houghton shudders to think what might have happened had he not let his dog Basil investigate a splash in the water at the Kingston Foreshore on Friday evening. He was walking his faithful rottweiler through the busy restaurant strip of the foreshor
  7. Update : DPP are seeking a custodial sentence for this matter. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-08/canberra-man-animal-neglect-sentencing-hearing/7149986?WT.ac=statenews_act Man guilty of 99 animal neglect charges kept dogs emaciated and fly-bitten, court hears A man who pleaded guilty to nearly 100 charges of animal neglect kept dogs emaciated and fly-bitten, RSPCA vets have told the ACT Magistrates Court. Stefan Trpcevski last week pleaded guilty to 99 charges relating to animal neglect, and a sentencing hearing was held this afternoon. The charges included failing to seek veterinar
  8. http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2015/11/04/dog-wombat-rescue_n_8476026.html?ncid=edlinkauhpmg00000004 Rescue Mission For Dog Stuck In Wombat Hole Posted: 05/11/2015 15:46 AEST Updated: 05/11/2015 15:46 AEST A "Beaconsfield style" rescue mission is currently underway to extricate a large dog stuck underground in a wombat hole on the NSW south coast. Nowra newspaper The South Coast Register reports a 42-kilogram American Bulldog named Brooklyn has been wedged in a large wombat hole near the town's showground since 1am Wednesday. The dog, owned by a homeless man who reportedly live
  9. This is a good result - Courts in the ACT are generally very lenient http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/man-failed-to-get-help-for-dog-after-cooking-oil-caused-horrendous-burns-20150925-gjurwk.html They're images harrowing enough to move Canberrans to tears, prosecutors say. "Buster", a cross-breed, was left without veterinary attention after being covered in scalding cooking oil earlier this year, causing first and third degree burns to 15 per cent of his body. The owner said the burns were not caused intentionally and that he hadn't realised the extent of the injuries, but pleaded
  10. Here's the link to the legislation http://www.legislation.act.gov.au/di/2015-257/current/pdf/2015-257.pdf
  11. Oops - Sorry. Didn't see it in my quick look. It's nice enough to read a second time :)
  12. http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/lost-dog-reunited-with-owners-after-recognising-them-on-tv-20150912-gjkz8h.html Lost dog reunited with owners after recognising them on TV DateSeptember 12, 2015 Lost and Found: Tabitha returns to her family. Lost and Found: Tabitha returns to her family. Photo: Kelly Schaefer She is small, white and fluffy and a dab hand at recognising the people she loves most. Tabitha, a five-year-old bichon poodle, went for a walk with her owner Alfred Schaefer on September 2 near their home in Kansas City, Missouri. Schaefer, who has Alzheimer's,
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