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  1. HI All,

    I was after your opinions in regards to Season Suppressants.

    A friend told me she has put her two aging bitches on a product as one is 14 yrs old & the other is 9 yrs and would not survive any survive due to

    throat problems so de sexing for both is out of the question.

    A vet has prescribed her ETHYLESTRENOL 0.5ml tablets. (I think this is also called Nandoral?)

    What other suppressants is there with not many side effects?

    She was told their is an "Implant" but has several side effests, no idea of the name of it.

    After some googling I discovered that some greyhound racers have used Nitrotain paste, I think this is actually sold as a horse paste and works for some bitches.

    Or there's Laurabolin injections given every 28 days. Would a vet have to come every 28 days (therefore costing more each visit.)

    Have you or know of some one whom has tried any of these? Any side effects?


  2. Yes it was abit suishy but we all survived.

    I think the grp 7 ring was bigger than the grp 5 and perhaps a couple of other grps.

    Perhaps the coucil wanted their money from permits and stuff they didn't mind where everything was put.


  3. Contact Ophnbark on DOL she is Doggy Treats Australia.

    All her products are natural with no yucky stuff and she is quick (except when it is 40'C for several days in a row here in melb. )


  4. I wasn't entered but dropped in for a look.

    I thought the oval was great, plenty of room for gazebo's, some poeple's car parking could of been better.

    The catering (one van) could of been better prepared as I heard they weren't epecting so much business that they ran out of food and had to go out to get more.

    What did everyone else think of the oval??


  5. he is our vet. Has been for many years.

    Two weeks ago he vacc & chipped our litter.

    For three pups I think all up it was $100 I can't remember.

    I tend to ring him between 8:15-8:30am to see when he will be in my area next.

    You DO have to wait all day for him though and IF he has an emergancy to deal with he doesn't contact you.

    I will PM you his ph number.


  6. Thanks for the tips so far.

    I have been told outside it will run & play but when inside it will just sleep, sounds like a calm dog so far.

    Dry food-she can not afford Pro Plan. Maybe a the large bag of Supercoat she can. So should she feed him on the puppy until 6 months of age then move him onto large breed adult?

    I thought it was reccomended to raise their bowl to prevent bloat.

    Please keep the advise coming.


  7. Hi All,

    I do not want to be flamed or crticised for my sisters poor choice but I am hoping you could help me educate her.

    She has only had small breed dog and currently has a cross bred the size of a Aust cattle dog.

    She recently brought a male 6 week old Bullmastiff x BullArab pup. :mad :mad

    She met the mother and she was quite placid. (she was the Bullmastiff). I did ask her what the Bull Arab was and I can't remember what she said.

    Now my question to folk is "" How should she be feeding this puppy to prevent health issues?"

    Are there any websites I can direct her to?

    I did tell her that some large breeds can be better off neutered after 6 months of age when growing has stopped, is this correct? as she does plan on having him neutered.

    Should it have the bowl raised off the ground while eating?

    Her other dog has no real diet, she gets food scaps, Chum,no name dry food. And is now 8yrs old and no health problems.

    Sorry for all the questions but I only have small dogs and not experienced with large breeds.



  8. Hi All,

    I was wondering when the Launceston & Hobart royal are on this year?

    Plus all the other royals.

    To me according to the ANKC site Tas royals have not contracted any judges yet.

    Does anyone know whom they are?

    Plus what are the other shows & judges in between these royals?

    Thank you


  9. HI All,

    everyone s bubs are loking great.

    Attached is a pic of Fleur with her babies just before they opened their eyes.

    (Yes I use nail polish to mark them to keep track who is who.)

    They have call names for now, Sonya, campbell and now Sara-Jane.

    Just a question for a friend who has her first litter of a small breed. Her pup is now two weeks old and apparently no sign

    of his eyes opening yet.

    When you would you be concerned that a singleton isn't going to open their eyes??




  10. Thank you veryone for your advice.

    The bitch is on a good diet. I wasn't going to start using this product if I didn't need to.

    Just was told her sister was slow to produce milk for her 4 pups, I know sisters can be totally different. She is now producing plenty of milk.

    My other bitch (whom will no longer be having pups) was fine in this department.

    yes I do let the bitch eat a placenta or two.



  11. Thanks for the tip Espinay2,

    I went to a chemist yesterday and brought a bottle of it. ALthough it says its to "aid digestion & a healthy appetite."

    When would you start to give the tablets? just before whelping?

    I am not familiar with this Myra savant harris (advanced canine reproduction and puppy care, page 9, where can I find it?

    I am just hoping my bitch will produe enough milk and be a good mum.


  12. HI All,

    I have a maiden bitch about to be a mum for the first time in a coupel of weeks. YAYAY

    Her sister had her pups a couple of days ago and I am told the pups were being supplemented with formula

    as the mum didn't have much milk.

    Is there any way of increasing the bitch's milk?

    Who has tried Fenuegreek Powder???

    Where do you get it?

    How much do you give the bitch?

    How often?

    The mum is most likely near 8kgs.



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