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  1. No not if I'm home and I'm present, they are not on a lead but their recall is excellent. I don't leave the dogs alone with a stranger.
  2. It Happened Again :o(

    Is there somewhere else you can drive to, to go for a walk? Another quieter neighbourhood? I would be horrified if my dogs jumped up on anyone - I can't see how anyone sees this as acceptable; friendly or not.
  3. Loner Dog - Why

    Was it your dogs who were not getting on? Is it you or Bonnie who Lucy is avoiding?
  4. New Malinois Pup

    Beautiful pup. I really admire Malinois but too much dog for me :laugh:
  5. Outside Looking In

    My sister was knocked back by a breed rescue a few years ago. This was a person who had previously owned this breed and the dog had a wonderful life and was well loved. She said she could get a reference from her vet who was also a neighbour who often saw this dog out and about. This dog was very well known in her inner city suburb. My sister spent over $10,000 in oncology fees and surgery associated with a cancer this dog had when she was about 10yrs - giving the dog another 4 years of a happy life The reason given for not being approved was that the four adults in the household worked full time; despite the fact that they all worked different hours so the dog would not even have been alone all that often. My sister ended up getting a pup from the breeder she got her first dog from but it has soured her about rescue organisations.
  6. Old Dogs

    When I walk home I often meet up with an elderly gent walking "Devil", a 16 yr old small terrier cross. Yes it takes me ages to walk this small section of his street but I think it takes him longer because the locals all stop or a chat. It's a ritual for both of them and they both love it. My oldie is only 12 but she still looks young. Only I can tell that she walks a lot slower due to her arthritis but I'll take her out, even in a pram for as long as I can. One advantage about getting older myself is that I really don't care what other people think and if anyone ever said anything inappropriate about my dogs when they get older I would be very blunt back to them and tell them to mind their own business.
  7. Tick Removal - Don't Pull - Freeze

    This was great, thanks
  8. Bladder Cancer

    I'm so sorry to hear this Darien. I'm sure you'll treasure your time together I love my calmer, obedient older dogs but the fear of loosing them gets more real each year.
  9. What Is It About "balls"?

    I've had dogs wear down their canine teeth and one vet said it was from the abrasiveness of tennis balls so they are banned at my place - maybe check with your vet. My border collies (so working dogs) are also obsessive with balls but also anything that I can throw/they can throw and retrieve. They probably see it as work and attention.
  10. Puppy Farm ?

    I can't remember exactly but I know that when I have bought a pup (long time ago now) it has taken at least a month (and I think longer) before I have received the pedigree papers. And I've always paid cash. I have received a receipt and usually copies of immunisation and general info when I've collected the pup. The number of litters is concerning.
  11. Photos Of Pet Shop In Doubt

    Usually when I change the water I use the same bowl. I remove the empty bowl, rinse then refill so I would be doubtful if there was an empty bowl in the cage. Or sometimes I fill a jug and top up the water bowl; I would think this easiest in a pet shop. It only takes a few seconds to do. Wouldn't cameras have the time on them? My basic one does
  12. Neighbours Reactive Rescue Dog

    As you are already working with a behaviourist; talk to them about the attack and any steps you can take to minimise any adverse reactions. Best wishes for a quick recovery for your dogs
  13. Problem With Puck

    Sorry to hear about Puck so I hope the drops work. Could you just put in the drops when he is laying on his side and not allow him to get up for 10/15 mins. Even gently hold his head if you have to. I know with my own drops I'm usually told to remain still for that time and by then he may not even feel the drops. Then repeat for the other side.
  14. Desexing Young Pups

    Most people on this forum are responsible owners but I have worked in rescue where people have had a voucher to have pets desexed when they are older and just don't do it. Many meant to but..................... Unfortunately a large portion of the population just can't be trusted. I certainly don't have a problem with Tubal Ligation and Vasectomy as long as the cost doesn't make it prohibitive for the general population.
  15. OMGoodness, I would be so distressed if my dogs ever growled at me. How some of them didn't get their faces bitten - they were complete idiots.