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  1. I fed mine barf, and he put on around 1kg a week average so his weight gain is normal imo. One of my vets claimed he was growing too fast but his trainer and other reputable people said he was growing fine.
  2. Gizmo sort of likes them. The problem is I need to feed a steady stream of treats which defeats the purpose of using it since I am trying to get him to drop some kilos.
  3. I average my food over a week, not individual days. So each day I roughly calculate how much food he had then at the end of the week I make sure he has had the right amount. Sometimes this results in no food on the last day, sometimes it results in lots of food on the last day.
  4. Yeah I use the same method as Erny and Steve except with Gizmo I now use it as punishment. Ya teach a command using the process I outlined very briefly and not very well above. You issue a command just after you put the stim on and then you guide the dog into the position and release the stim as soon as they are in position. I use the e-collar right from the start. You can combine it with positive reinforcement and your progress will be much much faster if you do. I always use food rewards with gizmo when teaching things. Gizmo now recalls without the e-collar 99% of the time - in the past 2
  5. I train that way sort of. Here is how I did it (with the aid of K9Force). with a long line, let the dog wander away (or move away from dog). Press stim button on e-collar, recall command, guide, release stim1, reward the dog on completion with praise/food/whatever. 1: I release the stim as soon as the dog starts turning to start with and the longer we're at it the longer the stim is on. I tend to turn it off as he is in the process of recalling now. It's fairly hard to "explain" this and much easier to show it. The great thing about the e-collar is it gives YOU a sense of control. Without i
  6. Anita, did you intend to sound pretentious in that post and treat anyone who uses corrections as inferior dog trainers and imply they are not using their brains? Just curious.
  7. Are her gums bleeding? And I'd say probably.
  8. No, they don't chew their beds or bowls, they just destroy anything given to them to play with. Bolded bit: Sure that's an option but not the question I asked. Ahhh. Answering the actual question, something I'm not good at. I think it's fair and not fair. I feel meaning giving them a toy then taking it off them I guess if Montu wasn't being raised for security I probably would not dictate how he plays but it would mean he gets very few toys as I have no money tree, and even if I did, he'd eat it. Yay, I answered the question
  9. If my dogs did that I wouldn't get the bastards toys Gizmo doens't "do" toys anyway, he sometimes plays with tugs but only if you just hold it, no pulling. He loves toilet paper, but unfortunately for him, I cbf cleaning it up. Montu doesn't get any toys at all unless it's a tug and I'm playing with him, however, he finds his own toys. He'll play with his water bowl so I have to get metal bowls as he doesn't like those as much. He gets sticks and throws them around, and sits there chewing on the tree. If I feed him in a plastic bowl and forget the bowl is demolished in 3 seconds. He can't h
  10. I dunno if my dogs can pull a cart but I certainly cant use a scooter on our property.. Maybe I could add a small engine to the cart to get em going.
  11. By your local government, sometimes. Solution: Don't tell them.
  12. For some reason I thought they were both in Sydney! I think it's caus' I first met Erny in Sydney. No idea why I thought Nekhbet was though.
  13. http://www.fourpawsk9training.com.au http://www.underdogtraining.com.au Both are members on this forum. First is Kelpie-i, second is cosmolo(SP). I wouldn't hesitate in seeing either of them if the need arose and I just happened to be in Melbourne.
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