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Herding (hills District,sydney)

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We went to Erskine Park Showground, had a blast :rofl:

I think herding is on every weekend, but it is with different clubs and different instructors, so probably best to find one that suits you and stay with them or you could confuse the dog.

We went with the Border Collie club (you obviously don't have to have a Border Collie :confused: ) which is the first Saturday of the month.

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There are 2 options in Sydney right now.

Erskine Park (Canine Complex) or Richmond (Hawkesbury Showground).

Erskine Park is every Sunday 9-4, unless there is a trial on

also Saturdays every 2nd week or so. I am going out tomorrow and have a calendar of training days that I can pm you if you like.

Richmond, I haven't been for a long time but training is on Saturdays, 9-12 from memory?

Feel free to PM me & I can give you directions if you need them.


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