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Dog Ate One Of Those Meat Tray Moisture Absorbing Things


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Hi! Sorry, work had me caught up for two days. The Brown Dog is just fine. I gave him a couple of dessertspoons of olive oil and up four times that night to check on him when he made a noise (doggy dreams most of them) the next morning he was out and playing zoomies with Sophie and stopped for his morning poop and out it all came.

Poor bugger, he must have had a terrible belly ache, but it's all good now. The chooks didn't show any interest in it for once either (they usually do, disgusting really).

Thanks for all your help and comments and hints.

I usually thaw things out in the fridge. I run a roadhouse and am obsessive about food storage and thawing. Bacteria thrive in temps above 5 deg. I guess because it was so jolly cold I left it out to thaw. Never again.

Thanks again.


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