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Tonight when i got home, i did the usual thing. Ignore the dogs for 20 minutes and then went and let them in.

Mitchi and Hunta came to the back door but no Barks.

VERY unusual.

Went outside was calling and calling.

Called hubby to bring me the torch and for him to go out the front as Hunta was filthy - really muddy.

Start looking around the yard, thinking he has dug himself out, then i saw him.

Laying down on his side.

I just started screaming 'no, oh my god he is dead'.

While i am screaming i am looking down and touching him to see if he is still breathing.

I start calling my hubbywho had started to run to me when he heard th enoise i was making.

He was stone cold, wet and dead.

His collar had dug into his neck.

I thought he had been caught on a chair next to him that was turned over.

When we finally went inside and were checking the other 2 to make sure they were ok, we found Hunta has swollena dn bruised lips/gums/jowls.

THey have been playing and she has gotten caught, he has choked to death and she has been stuck for a time.

A while as she is very swollen and red.

I will eb taking her tio the vet tomorrow to maek sure that there is no long lasting damage.

I cannot believe that me putting their collars on because their council registration tags came caused Barks to die.

He was 16months old.

He was my boy, my good boy.

F&^k, i cannot believe he is gone. WHat the F&*K did i do for him to die like this,.

My poor poor boy, he would have been so scared.

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OMG kristy im so sorry i dont personally know u or your babies but im seriously sitting hear with tears, im in shock and really dont have anything to say that could possibley help with your pain, i hope hunta is ok and with time u and OH heal.... :(


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I am so sorry honey.

This is a terrible freaky thing to have happened & my heart breaks for you.

Pleasehug your other two tonight & make sure that you look after yourself as well.

love to you guys


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Jacq, let me tell you, teh others are back on teh bed and the furniture.

If only i had let Barks up on teh bed yesterday for a hug i would not feel so bad today

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We know there is absolutely nothing that anyone can say or do to ease your pain.

We haven't spoken for a while but we can remember how excited and happy you

were when you received Barker and we know how much he meant to you both.

Even though it may have been a relatively short time that Barker shared his life with you

we know that every minute of that time was full of love for all of you and he WILL be waiting

for you at the Bridge.

Thinking of you.

Narelle & Paul

RIP you wonderful little man ! :(

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I want my boy back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:hug:

He was too young to die.

I saved him only to have this happen?

Not fair!

Just not fair!

Narella dn Paul, Barker bought so much joy adn happiness to my life nad that of my husband.

THankyou for trusting him to me.

Know i loved him so much and this will leave a great big hole in my heart and my life.

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Kirstie, I am just so very sorry for your loss, no words can really tell you that. Please know that I am thinking of you and your loved ones at this time with kind thoughts for you all through this heartbreak.

RIP Barker


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