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Moxidectin And Dogs Drinking Medicated Water


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Funny you should mention this. I kept this info recently from a dog list, and was considering asking if anyone else new about it's use. I think it was in relation to tick control. What do you use it for newhound?

Just found this information on a WA government website re dog health

in aboriginal communities.....



Moxidectin (Cydectin Pour-On for Cattle and Red Deer) is only to be

administered topically (on the skin) at a dose rate of 500

micrograms/kg (1 ml per 10 kg live weight).


The preparation is to be stored in a locked cupboard or locked

refrigerator, away from children and unauthorised adults at a

temperature below 30°C (Do not freeze). Skin and eye contact should be

avoided at all times and if accidentally swallowed immediately contact

the Poisons Information Centre on 131126 or the nearest medical centre

for advice If accidental spilling on the skin occurs, the area should

be washed with soap and water.

Frequency of Administration:

Moxidectin is not to be administered more than twice in a period of

fourteen days. For dog health programs, the drug is recommended to be

administered every three months. For the immediate cure of sarcoptic

mange in individual dogs, the treatment may be given twice with an

interval of fourteen days between each administration.


Dogs to be treated must be six weeks old (weaned) or older. Pregnant

or lactating bitches may be treated at the standard dose rates.


Automatic dispensing guns that are set to deliver a 1 ml dose may be

used for dispensing moxidectin. If syringes are used to administer

moxidectin on the skin they should initially be flushed with cooking


After dispensing moxidectin it is strongly recommended that people

wash their hands with soap and water. Care is to be taken to avoid

excessive contact with the Moxidectin solution, or inadvertent

contamination of food stuffs.

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