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Smelly Puppy


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I found Axel stunk when i got him home and i washed him a few times, when i realised the smell wasnt leaving..

I took him to a pooch parlour and got him cleaned professionally..


just a suggestion, it worked for me

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Hmm, I'll try the spinach, if I can get him to eat it ('cause I certainly wouldn't :hug:). He has another vet appt. in two weeks, so I'll mention it to him then see what he has to say. He doesn't have any fleas, but he does scratch at his collar constantly... I have actually considered taking him to a groomer for a thorough cleaning, but keep putting it off. Kinda hoping he'll stop having accidents in his crate at night before I do that.

Hmm... Minty fresh puppy... :)

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I know all about your fear of getting ears wet, we have a girl who has had 5 aural resections and due to scar tissue, her canals have closed up the stink can be rank but due to the fact she suffers auto immune disease after having cancer (she's been in remission 5 1/2 years now) what works on her one week, wont work on her the next.

Anyway, getting back to your situation. From the chemist, purchase some Boracic Acid powder, put a few pinches in each ear, it will absorb any water that may get in the ears during bathing. Also, put cotton wool in the ears whilst bathing to help deter any water from getting in there.

Incase it is a skin problem like pyderma (which can get pretty smelly) use an oatmeal wash or malaseb or some other soap free product as some lyes in the soap/shampoos/detergents whatevers' can irritate the skin.

Next step is to make sure that his teeth are all fine and that none are rotting. Dog with halitosis can smell pretty bad.

Now with no intent to offend, you said your pupper is 8 weeks old, did you get him from a reputable breeder? Was he/Has he been wormed? Sometimes, blocked anal glands can smell pretty potent and we might be looking at skin, ears and teeth and it might just be blocked anal glands. If you know how to do this, go ahead, just stand out of the line of fire, if you don't get your vet to check. Not all dogs with blocked anal glands boot scoot their backsides on the ground. Block anal glands are not always from an impaction of worms either. The anal glands work by passing the smell on to what the dog passes, some times they become clogged or blocked, no surgery is needed to evacuate them.

Everyone wreckons different but I wreckon blocked anal glands smell like a can of tuna gone wrong. So, if it smells like that, it could be the anal glands.

Otherwise, after you have exhausted all of the above, try a lamb and rice diet or something similiar incase there is something in the biscuits which he's skin is haing an allergy to.

Good Luck.

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Is that a few pinches before the bath, or after? I've tried to put cotton balls in his ears, but the dang things keep falling out. I'm no good at this, which is bad for someone who wants to groom animals for a living. His teeth and gums look all right. They feel all right when he has them sunk into my fingers too (damn that mouthing phase :)).

His breeder could've been better than he was, but Toohey was wormed regularly and checked by his mum's vet before I brought him home. Then his new vet wormed him the day after I brought him home, and on Monday he'll get his 10 week worming, so that's all in order. Hmm, I just noticed that when I wrote down the stuff my vet told me about puppy care, I wrote "Worm every two weeks until" and didn't finish the sentence, so I'll have to call the vet again and find out until WHEN, exactly. Mutter.

I'm working my way through all the suggestions I've been given (and thank you very much, everyone), but after sniffing his head, his back, his tummy, his feet and letting him breathe in my face, I honestly think the problem is that I'm not getting his head clean enough. But when he goes to the vet in 2 weeks, I'll definitely mention it, so he can check for anything that might cause it.

His diet, btw, will be switched to BARF when he's older, so hopefully he won't be on the kibble for too long. Wanted to start right away but I'm a bit confused about how much to feed a growing puppy. Am hoping to have a bigger freezer by the time his weight stabilises, too.

Give your girl a pat from me, the poor thing. :hug:

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You can put the Boracic Acid Powder in before the bath if you choose but if they are wet from the bath and you put it in after the bath, it will absorb any water in there. Don't be afraid of cotton wool, you can push it deep in the ear, it will not damage any thing like ear drums.

When bathing, start at the head "usually" dogs will titlt their heads back when washed anyway, if not, you can gently tip their head back with a forefinger under their chin. Then you can start underneath the chin, chest.

Worming every 2 weeks until 12 weeks and then every 3 months thereafter.

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