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Dangers Of Barf Diets


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Toohey is right, the shorter length of the gut makes a big difference.

Also, what steve said, ALL of us have e-coli all through our houses, food, and bodies. No biggie, unless you're immunocompromised.

Fin, and anyone, my BARF diet is free for anyone who wishes to email me for it. It has worked very well for me with over 40 dogs in the last 4 years.

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Hi, ok, shall clarify.

Please to the FLOOD of people that have emailed me for the diet sheet (over 10 of you!) can you email, rather than pm me, as my pm box is starting to get full and I don't want to delete my messages, and also, it's easier just to push reply in outlook.

Also, can you please state whether you want the puppy version or the adult as they're in 2 separate documents.

I didn't think I'd get this flooded. I should have charged!

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The best piece of advice I have to those worried about potential bacteria risk to themselves and their family is to use some common sense. Prepare the dog's raw meat, the same way you would your own. Use a cutting board that is reserved only for the use of raw meat, or if you like, the dog's raw meat only. After serving the food, wipe down the counter with an anti-bacterial cleaner like Mr Muscle, and then wash your hands throughly. You should be doing all these things anyway, if you are chopping up chicken for your stir-fry or prepare mince into meat patties. It is no different.

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I buy Dogs meat in 15 / 20 kilos lots, I use disposable 'surgeon' gloves

to handle the meat eg; transfer to plastic containers and freeze,

My stainless steel sink is then rinsed with boiled water and cleaned off with

Anti - Bacterial cleaner ,sponge is then thrown in bin.

Been doing it this way for years ..

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We have been trying out Natures Gift, and are really happy with it, it is made from human grade ingredients and is free of colours, artificial preservatives, animal by products, offal and cereals.

We have been feeding BARF, but Fitz started to get sick again (he has had health problems since he came home), and I was worried that I was missing out on something that he needs, or that I was getting it wrong. I decided to go for something that was all natural and human grade instead of the cheaper brands, and we still give him plenty of raw chicken necks, and brisket bones. We have just replaced the BARF patties with the Natures Gift.

We have found it to be really good, he looks amasing and his stools are smaller and firmer(they were pretty good on BARF, but are even smaller now). He has no doggie smell, and loves the flavours that his new food comes in, he has always liked a bit of variety. Frosty loves it too, and is looking as great as ever. The ingredients list varies with each flavor, but it is all fresh and natural, the can I am looking at right now ingredients list is 70% real chicken, with oats and vegetables. I find that it is concentrated, so you feed less.

Here is a link to their website if anyone is interested in finding out more on them ;) . http://www.naturesgift.com.au/

BARF is probably the best way to go, but if anyone is looking for a great commercial diet (If like me anyone is worried about screwing up the BARF diet ;) :p , or does not have the freezer space [another concern I have, our freezer is packed, and I am having a hard time finding space for the BARF], or if anyone does not have the time to prepare the BARF) then I highly recommend Natures Gift, with the raw bones as an extra suppliment.

Oh and I don't work for the company ;) :( I just reread my post and it does sound very PR like :D Just a happy customer :(

I know it is cooked, but they are still getting heaps of raw foods, we often give the boys sardines and tuna, as well as their bones, liver treats, and the occasional peice of cheese. :p

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