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Giving Tablets


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I have one dog that will not take her worm tablets tried everything, in the end

crushed the tablet diluted it with milk put it in a syringe and give it to her that way

worked with bute powder for the pony (not With MIlk though) so I thought I would try it on the dog

:rolleyes: worked

no more dramas

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TOOLS: You need two spoons (desert OR tea spoon is fine).

METHOD: Crush tablet between two spoons.

INGREDIENTS: Peanut Butter.

Then you mix crushed powder of tablet in with peanut butter and put on roof of dogs mouth. They look like a talking horse for a while but they get their meds and they cannot spit it out.

My grandmother had shitzu that lived up to it's breed name of "shit" and after she got some new scars on her hands from trying to give tablet. She went out and brought a pea shooter thing. I killed myself laughing. :rolleyes: :laugh:

I devised the above method for nan and her shitzu, no more probs giving tablets.

Of course you can try hiding it in food morsels but the smart will eat the food, spit the tablet out.

We are lucky with ours, they take tablets straight down the drocus.

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