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Flying A Pooch Ahead - Vancouver -sydney


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Hello all,

I am an Australian living in Canada until September 2010. Early next year I am picking up a Vizsla pup from a breeder in BC and I am so excited and can't wait to meet him. As my visa expires September 2010 I will need to be out of Canada, which is ok for me as I want to head back to Oz. By this point I will have been overseas for nearly 2 and a half years, so I'll be ready. I've been reading a lot about flying dogs and how it works. What I'm wondering is this, is there a service that will transport your dog without you, or must the dog travel at the same time? What I am thinking is sending my boy ahead by a month and then meeting him at the other end after he has spent his month in quarantine. Any one have any thoughts on this, who does it, would it work? Any advice and experience would be really helpful. Sorry it's so far off, it's just I have been working out what I'm doing for the next few years, and my future dog is an important consideration. Cheers

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Thanks Jey, when I get the dog next year I will definately start crate training a.s.a.p so he is used to it for the long journey. Where are the specs for airline appropriate crates? I'm guessing the specifications differ from airline to airline like most things?

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There's a standard: 'IATA regulations'.

Here's the info on Virgin's requirements

Guidelines for Pet Containers

The following container guidelines are designed to protect the welfare of dogs and cats travelling with us, whilst also complying with occupational health and safety legislation. We reserve the right to refuse carriage of pets which are not travelling in a container which complies with the following requirements:

The container must be:

Supplied by yourself or purchased from Toll Air Express (within Australia).

In good repair so that the dog or cat cannot escape from it.

Not too small for the dog or cat.

Lined with absorbent material so that no water or excreta can escape.

Strong enough to withstand damage.

Made of metal or a polypropylene material and must not have any wheels attached.

And also:

(if two part rigid plastic containers) - the top and bottom or side parts must be secured by screws or nut and bolt.

Must have escape proof hinges and latches & be adequately locked.

When weighed complete with dog or cat, not exceed 65kgs for Australian Domestic or New Zealand Domestic flights.

Not exceed 120cm long x 70cm wide x 80cm high. Must not be collapsible.


There are heaps of companies that organise the flight of your pet, drop them off at the airport etc.

I don't know how many go from Aus to overseas though.

You can also do it yourself.

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Contact the overseas airline that you will be using and they will give you the relevant information that you require.

Yes it would be much easier to get a shipping agent and I am sure the airline could forward that to you also.

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You will need a Vari crate which will be easy in canada.

Ask your breeder if they now any shipping agents .

You will need an agent to do it for you & then work out the exact dates to so quarantine space can be booked.

There will be different people at different prices with different ideas on the route to be taken.

Friends who have brought dogs from the US have opted for an over night in the UK & then flown on.

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