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Our Little Kids Are All At Peace

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Webster only had 8 days of being loved after being rescued from the pound. Our little man had Parvo and is now at peace. He is now watching over his sisters that are in the vet as well fighting for their lives. Webster will be sadly missed by us and his adopted dad who called him Ash but never got to take him home.

His dad was so excited when he met Webster he brought his parents back the following day to meet their new grandson.

Soon aftermeeting his new family, Webster's condition started to change from a happy playful and cheeky little pup to a sick little boy.

He spent 5 days on a drip fighting for his life but today it became too much and he just didn't have enough energy left to fight anymore.

R.I.P Little Man until we meet again at the bridge ........ you will never be forgotten.

Webster your brother and sisters have joined you now so your not alone anymore but don't worry babies your all coming home where you belong and where you were loved. Whinni, Whoopi and Wilco are now at peace with you so please be good untill will meet you all at the bridge and we will cross it all together.


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