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Warrnambool (vic) Dolers


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Wow just goes to show how out of the loop I am

Didn't realise anyone had puppies on the way let alone them being born and going to their new homes.

JJ how many did she have ?

We are thinking about another Ridgie pup after have a dog here for a trial (he was being rehomed but it just didn't work out with the two entire dogs)

Have been in contact with the breeder of Boofs Dad and she had a mating done 2 days ago.

We are on the list for a bitch if we are happy with it.

Might actually get my show dog yet !!!

3 rd time lucky ???

Cheers Janet

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Turns out Casey litter was a disaster.

At 5 weeks old 3 of the pups had developed inguinal hernias, 1 had a heart issue. Heart issue may fix itself with age but needless to say he was given away for just for the cost of his vet work as can't sell puppy that may only live 12 months. Inguinal hernias were repaired and all sold off as pets.

God this annoys me, i had all dogs heart and eye certified, DNA tested and still something that can't be tested for pops up. I can't pin point who is at fault, is it my bitch who's previous litter was perfect or is it the stud dog we hired. Stud dog owner swears he never thrown any issues before, he carries heart certification too. All i can do is get her retested next year, if clear mate her with a different stud and see what happens. She is from Supreme grand champion bloodlines so one would hope these nasty things are not in her linage.

Moving on, Poppy my black and tan maiden girl was mated a few weeks ago to much nicer linage, owned by a Cavalier judge and her stud boy i have seen offspring from so and i am praying all goes well for her litter or i'll be pulling my hair out. So looking forward to black and tan babies with a possible ruby.

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Wow! Some action in here again!

We only got three pups this time around RJ, one was born flat and died within minutes, unresponsive to resuscitation. Both surviving pups were boys.

Both pups are going great guns and are happily settled in their homes.

One is companion to a family with three young boys who have waited a long time for a dog so they are thrilled to bits.

The other has gone as a hunting dog up near Horsham, who's owner is friends with the owner of his pup's uncle, so they intend to go shooting together later on.

We were hoping for a bitch but it was not to be.

Tarni is now retired to a life of leisure!

We are in the (expensive) process of importing semen from Hungary. Early stages so far. We hope to have a litter from one of our bitches toward the end of 2015 using the frozen semen. If all goes to plan, we will keep something from this litter. We will be leasing this bitch back to us for the litter. We bred her some years ago, and is one of those dogs you totally regret selling as a puppy because she turned out super. Can't always pick it right!

She is also an amazing hunting companion for her owners, which is very important to me. She has also done brilliantly in obedience but her owners refuse to trial her as they don't like competitive dog sports. Spewing!

RJ I hope all pans out for your puppy! Keep us posted on what happens there.

Cavalblaze you've had nothing but bad luck with your breeding. That blows. Hope you've done plenty of research into what's behind Poppy..... I'm sure you couldn't handle any more issues! Good luck with your next litter.

We've got our next "Jerojath Vizslas Family Picnic" coming up in October which I'm really looking forward to.

It's a great day with lots of Vizsla fun and a great opportunity to go over dogs we've bred in the past and see how they've developed and matured. Quite a few of our dogs are on breeders terms so we do like to catch-up with them from time to time!

I've booked-out Kepala for the gathering this year so the Vizslas can enjoy the large grassed areas, the agility course and the lagoon pool etc. We'll have the BBQ and picnic facilities to ourselves too, so it should be a nice day! Here's a link - http://www.jerojathvizslas.com/vizsla-picnic.asp

It's been very quiet in here of late.... haven't even been seeing anyone around Town at all.

I've been out to Bunnings a heap of times and looked out for tlc but haven't even seen her for ages!

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Yeah i have had such a dramatic time with dogs, on the cards to trhow into the towel.

Yes hernias can be inherdidted, exspecially if they pop up on more than one pup in a litter. This litter both females had them. Although it's not written proof, many vets have different therories on if it is or isn't but basically a weakening of the muscle tissue.

And it things couldn't get any worst, 1 pups i sold ran into a bush and is now blind in one eye. Heart murmur pup had a allergic reaction to worming meds and with a faulty heart he just couldn't cope and was PTS.

But Poppy is ploding along well, she is from different lines and no issues to date. Stud dog i've also heard good feedback from. Her sister whelped 7 pups recently. She is due early Sept, definately is in pup so crossing all the fingers and toes.

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OMG, had Poppy to the vets today. She is a maiden girl only 17 months old.

Vet saids 6 heads for sure, think there is more up high we better book her in for a xray in 2 weeks.

Poor girl is 10 kilos already, plods along with the pregnancy waddle.

Needless to say i am looking for backup whelping hands. Thinking this litter could be fairly full on.

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Sorry for the delayed reply.

7 pups born on 3rd Sept, 3 girls 4 boys.Daytime whelping so i was very pleased.

1 black and tan girl died shortly after birth due to fluid on the lungs, stuck behind the biggest pup in the litter.

Remaining 6 have all grown up and gone to their new homes.

1 x ruby female gone to Melb

1 x black and tan female to ACT

1 x black and tan boy to Warracknabeal

1 x black and tan boy with white markings to Melb

1 x ruby boy with white markings to Melb

1 x black and tan boy is here locally co-owned with Kate Fitzpatrick who will show him and keep him entire. He does have a little umbilical hernia from Poppy doing a number on the cord at birth (had to be that pup not any of the pet homes ones), nothing major which we are going to get fixed and he is all health cleared and all the pups now 10 weeks are fully toliet trained and loving their new homes. So if you see Cavalblaze Daredevil entered on the show schedules that's my little boy.

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Well it's been a while since anyone was in here

Thought I'd do a quick check in

Jess. I'm pretty sure I saw you last night at Harris street training your dogs. (I heard you call one of your dogs Darcy so was a bit of a give away along with the signage on your vehicle lol)

I was up there with a ridgeback puppy doing some show training.

Looked like you were havin fun.

The Warrnambool dog show is on next weekend and is Asha my pups debut.

Could be interesting. ROFL

What is everyone else up to these days ?

Cheers Janet

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How uncanny Janet, haven't logged in here for months then bam I log in and you have too lol.

Is Asha Sat or Sun or is it only one day? I'd love to come and see her shown. Do you have a handler or are you doing it yourself.

It's my last day of work at Bunnings on Saturday that weekend. So if anyone knows of any jobs going that may suit me let me know, for the time being I'm having a rest!

I'm in Koroit now and loving it, we are on two acres and the dogs think it's heaven!

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