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Information On Regulated Dogs


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The 22pts, it is fast becomming a councils nightmare.

However even in this publication they seem unable to grasp the concept that this new system wont be able to work by councils in regards to new restricted breeds, they are wrong in their thinking, the few articles in the Gold Coast media are correct, not incorrect as they claim.. I understand why they have said this on their website, but it is truely of no consolation to those with phobias about restricted breeds.

If no one can see how that cant work for new restricted breeds, then I am glad for the dogs and the state of Qld. But I wont explain it in detail.

I have struck through the appeasment threat. As you will notice it does not say anything at all. The bolded text will apply to those allready identified, especially as they are concerned about ID'ing new dogs.

Q. There have been a few articles in the Gold Coast media indicating that this legislation removes a council's ability to prohibit particular dogs. Is this correct and why?

A. This legislation will continue to enable councils to prohibit certain dogs in their areas. The article is incorrect. If local governments choose to enact prohibitions on the keeping of certain dogs, the entry and seizure powers under this Bill do not apply. Normal enforcement of council local laws under Chapter 15 of the Local Government Act 1993 will apply in this situation. As the government has concerns over the accurate identification of restricted dogs, it has moved to ensure restricted dogs be kept on a permit system rather than the dog be euthanased.

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