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Leaving Puppy Outside

mrs tornsocks

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Ok great, thanks for that. She LOVES going outside and the yard is actually pretty safe for her so i think we might not lock her in her play pen anymore when we go out as its very small. Only time she begins to cry is when she realises shes locked outside. But i bought some chicken necks yesterday so we will try those on monday. Shes asleep on my chest at the moment snoring away haha. We are taking her to pup preschool today.


hi, i recently attended puppy school with my beagle puppy (now 16 weeks) are you going to Kellyville pets for the schooling, they were pretty good with us

is this your first beagle? it is for us, and we have heard they enjoy playing with other beagles, we have joined beagle club, and are looking forward to the day walks etc..

maybe one day, we could let our beagles meet and play

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thanks choco's mum ! I just need to find somewhere to hang the toys, we only have fence either side or washing line he'll probably pull over.

BTW what is that yellow thing on the rope, it looks really strong !

If he is quiet ...don't worry! thats not a bad thing :laugh:

I have 2 13 week old pups...a lab and a retriever. We have double trouble here :o they are anything but quiet :) Can we swap :p

Rexiam I wouldn't say he is quiet - but he's a relatively sensible lab even at this age so we're very lucky !! But then he doesn't have a naughty companion to egg him on like yours do :love:

- have you got any updated photos of your two ? I remember that gorgeous shot of them in the back of the ute. Here is our Archie after a little swim in the clam shell yesterday .... I tried to take a shot of him 'dreaming' by himself today but he saw me out the window


How cute is Archie! When we went to look at Chuzzy's litter there we 2 choc lab's, but they were not interested in us. Chuzzy on the other hand could not keep away from us, so that sold us :)

I have been having camera problems and have just got OH to bring his camera home from work. Will upload the recent photos I took soon.

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