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Alaskan Malamute

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Im always thiking about future breeds I might own oneday and one I admire is the Malamute and would like to learn more. I have a few questions. What are they like to live with? Are they constantly on the go, wrecking things, digging up the yard and howling? I live in QLD, would a malamute be able to go for a jog/ride on warm/hot days? (obviously not in the middle of the day heat). Can anyone explain the coat preparation involved for showing a malamute? I plan to move to a couple of acres in 12-24 months and will be looking at adding a more active in body and mind, medium/large breed dog to the family. I currently have Bullmastiffs plus little dogs but I also want something a little more active. Ive had dobes and may very well choose another but also looking at other breeds (Malamutes, german Shepherd, samoyed, keeshond, boxer). Thanks :)

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