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I Feel The Need To Brag


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I am so proud of our new puppy. She is now 11.5 weeks and her training is going really well. I know that she is not a super dog and I am sure that there are probably plenty of other pups that have been better trained and are more obedient at this age, but I'm still proud of our accomplishments nonetheless.

Maple knows to sit before going outside, or coming inside, without anyone needing to tell her to do so. She sits before she gets her food automatically, and will stay until I tell her she can have it, but if I forget, then she is out of sit and in the bowl so fast your head would spin - lol, so it is something we are still working on.

She still needs some guidance for drop (ie won't do it on command only, needs my hand signal at her level to guide her down to the ground, but doesn't need a treat to do so.

She is getter better at come, but if there is something else more interesting than me she is deaf to the come command. And she is learning "down" with some success too. I use it when she is up on the lounge suite or chairs etc looking for items to steal.

And the best thing of all, when I say "kennel up!" she runs into her daytime Bunnings crate! She isn't the fondest of the crate, and would much rather lay out on her bed in the lounge room, but will go into it happily when I say the magic words.

And we haven't had any toileting accidents in the house with me since last weekend! Maple goes and sits at the back door when she needs to go out! Now all I need to do is train Mr VegemiteToast to pay attention to her signals so he can experience the same success!

ETA: This is the first puppy or dog I have ever had the privilege to train. Our other dog came from the RSPCA fully trained (and very, very well trained at that!).

If you read this, thanks :crossfingers:

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Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job.

I would like to say mine was that well trained that young but I was too busy getting over his cuteness (still gets him out of trouble :crossfingers: )

I hope you have many more great experiences.

BTW what sort of dog?

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Oh well done!!

My lil guy is the same age... he can sit, shake hands, drops, and sits for his food... however I am dreaming if I can get him to wait for his food. When it's down, he's on it...

How did you train your pup to wait for the food??

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I need to knnow your secret,

our beagle puppy will do anything while food is on offer, but no food, no sit, stay, shake - nothing

she is however pretty well toilet trained, no accidents for a few weeks now

and she can sit and wait for dinner, but only briefly...hehe :thumbsup:

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