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The Evil Beagle Turns Three


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Happy Birthday, Daisy!! You gorgeous Beagle, you!! I don't believe your mum for a second when she says you're evil :laugh:

Hope you got donuts for your birthday!!

(I think we need an overload of Daisy puppy pics! How cute were they!)

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Happy belated birthday Daisy! :idea::rofl:

Don't worry, I don't believe for a second you were ever naughty. I think your mum might have made it up :) :D

no, we have DOL witnesses! Daisy has stolen donuts at DOL meets on more than one occasion :wave:

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LMAO thats classic; I hadnt' seen it though so its ok ha ha. Talk about not checking dates.

Charlies bday is coming up soon and I think I want to have a doggie party for him :)

The pic of Daisy with the toilet roll is Charlie. Its terrifying lol ;)

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