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great thread ruth! I've loved reading about everyones' dogs! :p


I did write 10 facts about Chester but he insisted that he wanted to do it himself, and he usually gets his way eventually, one of his nicknames is "Brat Boy." I realised he was a lot more succinct than me. I did have to do a little translating/editing so you can understand what he’s on about lol

TEN facts about Chester from Chester

1. I love to run in a straight line with mum, she tells me this is one of the reasons she chose me, we often go running – it’s one of our special times together. Another reason resulted in my getting a whole live mouse to swallow on my 6mths birth anniversary. She says I have ratting in my ancestry, but she wasn’t expecting me to catch and swallow that little snack whole. I don’t know what she was thinking I was going to do, she’d been egging me on for weeks about the mice. It’s different when it’s family though, I loved watching the ratties that stayed here for a while, and I only thought about eating them!

2. Mum used to play this game with me a lot where I’d do all these silly things in anticipation of the magic sound (editors’ note: clicker). As soon as I heard the magic sound I could run over to her and she’d give me a bit of food. I’m not picky, I’ll eat anything (see #1) but she’d always save the best bits for the magic sound game. She still gets it out now and again, but in the mean time I can still play this game and if I do it exactly right and look as adoring as I can she will run to the dispensing machine (editors’ note: fridge) and I’ll get something good!

3. Mum sometimes calls me a cat. When she comes home from being away for a long time I follow her to where we sleep at night and wait on the bed until she says it’s okay to get some good rubbing time in. I love to rub all around her legs, and in-between, and while she tries to walk away, I go with her, and sometimes if it’s really good I’ll stretch out right between her legs and she’ll lean over and give me a belly rub to die for! I also do a mambo to the right kind of butt rub :-)

4. I don’t like the dirt, or mud, or smelly stinky stuff on the ground and I wouldn’t dream of rolling in any muck like I see my older sister do! And the toilet has always been outside, even when I was a youngun I got that one right! I think a dog should pay attention to his hygiene, a good lick-bath to keep my coat shiny and legs clean is a must. No water is required, can’t stand the stuff on my skin!

5. I may look like I’m shivering in the corner, all tucked up in sleep, but I don’t need an extra skin (editors' note: coat), that just irritates me and I can’t get it off, even if I annoy her by going in and out of the backyard house (editors’ note: kennel) trying to rub it off. I love sleeping next to her under the covers. I hate it when she pulls them back before the light has even touched the sky!

6. My favourite game is something she calls tug-o-war. I just have to grab the end of a rope and not let go! It’s easiest with big sister, and I’ve taught little sister how to play properly, my big brother always has to take everything so seriously and just takes it off me and walks away. Mum’s okay to play tug with, but not my favourite, she can be a little too tricky. I’ll run and pick up a toy too if mum asks, but my sisters and brother always get in the way, so I only like to do that game with mum by herself, and if I’m lucky she’ll play a chaseys game with me too, she often ends the game when I want to do this, so I try to avoid the temptation.

7. Everyone loves me. It’s just a fact. I see it as soon as I meet someone I haven’t met before. I can just watch them and they’ll always come over and give me some words and pets. I am sometimes disappointed when a new person doesn’t acknowledge my handsome and adorable self. I am really surprised they are able to resist me.

8. I don’t like to say much. My sisters are both complainers, whinging about one thing or another, I keep my voice primed for those important occasions like a serious breach of our territory.

9. I was born with a little bump on the top of my head, it’s not serious, just the fur grows in different directions, one of mum’s friends says I have a cone head, mum thinks it’s cute.

10. I will try out anything at least once. I’m happy to do most things asked of me and especially if food is involved. A giggle will do sometimes. I love to get a smile or a little giggle out of mum! Makes everything worthwhile.


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I have been tagged by Ruthless! Thanks Ruthless :confused::thumbsup: Working on it, (As well as as a new pic I like and am happy to share!) will post in the coming days

Loving reading these BTW, quite a few I read and think Gosh, thats JUST like Leo! LOL (So Im trying to think of the most unique things Leo does too :laugh: ) **Ohh reminds me of another, adding to the running list**

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9. Rove is a determined flopper.

Rove won't do the "circle three times and lie down comfortably" routine. Rove picks a spot, and flops down with an audible "thud".

Lol my dog does that too! It's like a plane retracting its wheels after take-off. He just pulls his legs up into his body and thumps to the floor. He makes an "ummph!" sound as he lands too

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9. Rove is a determined flopper.

Rove won't do the "circle three times and lie down comfortably" routine. Rove picks a spot, and flops down with an audible "thud". If the spot isn't to his liking, he will get up and wander the house until another spot catches his eye.

I think thats a BC thing. Top just walks to where he wants and flops - theres nothing gentle about it. When I lived with my parents he had horrible red sores on his elbows from his damn thudding as they had wooden floors.

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10 Things I Know About Buster


1. He's my first dog

My family have always had dogs but he;s my first actually all mine dog.

2. We found him in a car park

Someone dumped him in the middle of town when he was a puppy, poor little thing was about 8 weeks old, covered in fleas and ticks. We couldn't find his owners and then when he tried to give him away no-one wanted an ugly cattle dog puppy (he really wasn't very good looking till he got older) but he tried really hard and fitted in really well so we kept him.

3. He has a "happy run"

its where he runs flat out, mouth wide open, back end tucked in tight and his front legs flying high in the air. Most entertaining thing I've seen in ages.

4. He's happy to wear clothes

You can dress him in nearly anything and he just tolerates it

5. He's very finicky about food

As soon as he is stressed he stops eating, he doesn't eat very much to begin with and he never really overeats.

6. He's very reserved when he first meets people

But once he's decided they're alright, he loves the attention

7. When he was younger he used to "save" us from the pool

We'd start swimming and he's swim out, grab our hand and drag us back to the step over and over for weeks until he relised we were atually okay. lol

8. He's not a barker

He very rarely makes noise, if he does, you always pay attention

9. He is severley DA

but as soon as a dog walks INTO his yard he's fine with them.

10. I love his tail

Its so awkward, the one bone on the end sort of swivels like a joystick and he hates it being touched.



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10 Facts About Elvis.....


1. Elvis is a snob

He is not interested in making new friends with people very often. But if he knows you, you have a friend for life.

2. He is a pretty good Flyball dog.

His best time ever was 4.011 (i think :cry: ). These days he still runs pretty quick, around 4.2s 4.3s if he tries.

3. He is a very dainty eater

He will leave his favourite food until last and takes his time eating.

5. Elvis has a few boyfriends

Bodie (BC), Todd (2Toller's NSDTR) & Wolf (Poodle) are his favourites. He get's very excited when they are around.

6. Elvis never gets called Elvis

I never call him Elvis. He get a shocked look on his face if anyone calls him by his real name. I usually just call him Elvie or Bert.

7. He is not a cuddly kind of dog

My boy hates to cuddle, he will grumble if you hold him to tight. It is more of a protest than anything though :(.

8. Elvie is very devoted to Clover

He is completly devoted to his BRD. If they are seperated for a little while (5 mins) he will act as though they have been apart years when re united. He does not get upset being apart from her though.

9. Elvie is a Ceaser baby

He came into the world at about 2am on the 13th of October 2003 by emergency ceaser. Sadly only he and Tinny survived out of the 4 pups.

10. Deep down he is a nice sweet dog

He may act big and tough but he realy is a sweet boy. Very much loved by a lot of people.


Still loving everyones posts, they are great.

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10 Fact About Clover......


1. Clover is a mix of Rottweiler and ACD (Red)

Probably not the best combination but she has turned out to be a lovely dog, in both looks and temprement.

2. To look at her run you would never guess her age

Clover will be turning 11 next week (26/10). She still easily keeps up with the younger dogs. And still likes to try to hunt Rabbits.

3. Clover played Flyball for 7 years

It was only a torn Cruciate at the beginning of the year that made her fully retire. 10 months on though and she would happily play Flyball again, but it is not worth the risk.

4. She is a 'leaner'

If you are standing near her she has to lean up against your legs. Too bad if you are not expecting 30kgs of dog to lean against you.

5. Clover's best friend for a long time was Merg the Standard Longhair Daschund

He passed away about 5 years ago now. For months after Clover would look for him at the park :p.

6. She is not fond of small fluffy dogs

After one to many attacks by little fluffies she just does not have the patience for them anymore. If introduced and fluffy is nice and calm she will be happy enough to hang out, but if any yapping and biting begingas she gets upset.

7. It took us about 18 months to get out of class 3 Obedience

Clover refused to drop without food for a long time, it was the only thing holding us back in class 3. We got to the end of the year (xmas/ summer break) so i practiced everyday over the break to get it right. When we came back the insructors were amazed at the improvement and we passed into class 4 :cry:.

8. Clover is Miss Social Butterfly

She loves to meet new people and actually looks disapointed if she gets ignored. She has a lot of friends, both human and canine.

9. She is my first dog

After our old family dog Penny bonded to my Mum i pestered until my parents gave in. We looked for months for the perfect dog/ pup, i said i didn't want anything with ACD in it :(. I had just turned 17 when she came home, so have a pretty strong bond with her.

10. Clover is my good 'kid'

I can take her anywhere and do anything with her and she is happy to just be out and about.


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She had to have major surgery at 4 weeks of age as she was born with Persistent Right Aortic Arch, where a vein was obstructing her esophagus, which first became noticable when her and her siblings were being weaned onto solids, every time she tried to eat solids, 20 minutes later she would be walking around in pain and crying and would regurgitate her food up, her breeders said it was awful to see her like that. The vets did a barium and saw the issue, and said they could either PTS or operate for a large $um. They decided to operate as she has a sparkle in her eye and seemed strong enough, and so she had her big surgery (they had to cut through a couple of ribs and move her heart and lung out of the way to get to the esophagus problem area), and after spending so much special time with Shyla as she had to recover, my breeders have ended up having a soft spot for her and being absolutely in love with her :D They call her the special one and each time I have seen them since the wife always sheds a tear ;)

She was the only long-coat in her litter and when I put a deposit on a GSD puppy from my breeders litter, I said I wanted a female, and ideally a long coat. She said they are not that common and aren't bred for and that sometimes a bitch will throw a long coat in some litters, and I said ok well I guess I will end up with a standard coat then. But as it may seem, I DID get the long-coated shepherd of my dreams after all!! She attracts so much extra attention because of her beautiful rich dark coat, some people have even questioned her breed (which is a bit weird..)

Has a weakness for whipped cream and roti bread and whenever I make a hot milo with whipped cream on top, when she hears the cream being squirted out, she comes RUNNING and wants a lick :cry: We also eat Thai food takeaway twice a week and get roti bread, and she goes NUTS for it, haha.

Has a boyfriend who's fluffy also, but very white and her boyfriend is Bindii's Samoyed Fletcher!! The two of them have known each other from young, and we have watched with excitement the way our two quite different fluffballs have gone from small little puppies, to much bigger mature puppies!! They have weekly playdates together and it sure is more noisy and there are lots of thuds and bangs and wobbling furniture in the house when they have their indoor wrestles :p

Will only ever sleep under our bed at night happily. We have a mattress under our bed which we have to keep pushed out a bit, and in the morning she ends up on the end of the mattress that sticks out the bottom of our bed. That's so there's a gap under our bed beneath our heads, and she sleeps every single night under their on the carpet, we call it her "den". We tried pushing the mattress all the way in once and she had the option of the floor, mattress or on the bed with us, and she whined and carried on til she had her "den" back. She must like the cosyness factor.


Loves everybody and everything she has a remarkable temperament for a shepherd, and I am yet to see her be aggressive or overly fearful. As a pup we socialized her a lot, but not tremendously, and she's always taken everything in her stride! She loves all people and all dogs, and wants to say hello to everyone. She is gentle when meeting new dogs and will lick their faces and become submissive if needed. We met a shepherd at obedience this morning that was quite young also, and was lifting it's upper lip up and snarling silently at other dogs, which got me thinking I feel so lucky Shyla doesn't act like that!! She learnt to love people from a young age as she had so much more hands on time with people as a little puppy because of her operation etc.

Is a trick dog in the making and knows heaps of tricks already. Some of the fun stuff we do is reversing, spinning, waving, she will tap me on the butt with her paw, she will bow when I take a bow, she will fall on her side when I go BANG! and pretend to shoot her, she will leave a treat or her food til I say the magic word, she will weave through my legs as I walk, she will run up from behind me and poke her head through my legs and look up with a smile when I say PEEKABOO!, she will reverse-walk backwards with me behind her until she ends up between my legs, she will shake her head when I say "Are you naughty?", she will open cupboards and doors by pulling on a rope, she will roll over. We have lots more to learn!

Is a casual worker and will go to work with OH 3 days a week! She isn't the best at her job :( and distracts other employees with her balls and toys, wanting them to be thrown all day. But she's great company and loves hanging out with OH and his other worker ;) And it only means shes home 2 days a week on her own, such a spoilt girl!

loves Tug and Fetch the most and will play these two games all day if given the opportunity. She never liked fetch as a puppy, and has only lately developed a great love for it. And I am SO SO glad she has, it's sooo easy to wear her out now, I get to sit, and she gets to run and have fun! And we bond at the same time :angel:

is our amazing baby and we love her to pieces, my OH was anti-dog owning for years, and didn't like the idea of me getting a dog at all. But from the day we brought her home that changed, I literally saw him melt when we went to pick her up and there she was so cute and fluffy with her big butterfly ears :) How can you not love her, shes still cute! OH and I hate babies and kids and will never have human ones, so she is our beloved who we spoil and buy lots of things for ;) Having said that though we have still brought her up the way a dog should be with discipline and showing her her place in the pack, but we also shower her with love and get it back tenfold :D


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10 facts about Mort


1. He is our first dog together and my first dog ever

My OH had dogs growing up but I didn't (aside from a Boxer when I was a very young child) ... so he was 35years in the making for me .... we spent so long choosing the right breed for us and checking out breeders and their dogs ... but always there was a reason for not getting one - until Mort .....

2. Morty although only having been here for 15mths - I believe has saved me 100x over

I had lost someone (my Great Aunt)who meant the world to me last May .... and a year earlier I lost my beloved Grandfather ... I didn't know how to do anything other than breathe after losing Aunty as the pain of losing them both crashed in on me all at once ... I kept smiling and kept going about my day to day life but I wasn't there inside and I know those closest to me were getting really worried about me .... when I was having time off work around the funeral I found out that Mort's breeder (who we'd long admired her dogs) had a litter coming and to cut a long story short we put our name down for a pup ... fast forward a few months and this amazing little bundle came home with us ... being able to concentrate on bringing a puppy home gave me something good to focus on and things got a lot easier and happier

He is so intune with things sometimes, I had a few melt downs coming up to Christmas and on those occasions he was there next to me with his head in my lap just watching me .... I often wonder who sent him cause he feels like he was a gift from someone who knew me so well - sometimes there is just a look he can give and I feel like my Pop or Aunt is close by, if he is mischievous its almost like I can hear my Pop's laughter in my head ... he helped me heal I believe ;)

3. I knew I wanted him from the first photo I saw

There were only 3 in his litter (his sister is owned by a DOL member too) 2 were boys and that's what we wanted .... but when I saw him as a newborn I knew it was him and I cried the day we were told that he was the one coming home with us


4. Mort is very social and as such has made us more social and has pushed us out into the world

We now go to Obedience training twice a week, start some Agility training as well... we have gone to Sydney for training days, met other GSP owners from DOL... helped out with GSP rescue... gone to shows and trials and stewarded at both Obedience and Agility trials - its amazing .... we also go to the beach 3-4 times a week during the warmer months for a run after work and we've met more people since getting Mort in August last year than we have in probably the last 10 years ....

I never thought I would have a life that works around (even in part) of a dog but now we plan our weekends around training and in future it will be around trials ....

We even went to the beach on Christmas afternoon so he could have a run .... and the place was packed!

5. Mort snores and likes to sleep on his back

Its incredibly undignified and when he was entire it was quite in your face as he has such shorthair!


6. Mort is very subtle when waking you up in the morning

He puts his front paws on the side of the bed and leans over lying his head on your neck (if you're lying on your side) of on the pillow next to your face if you're facing him - he then "huffs" his jowls so as to "accidentally" wake you up :cry:

7. He got my OH to let him on the bed!

Being a large breed dog my OH didn't want him to get into the habit of sleeping on the bed so Mort wasn't allowed on the bed when we first got him (he was crate trained) but in July this year when we went to Jindabyne (so the dog could experience snow :( ) we had a king size bed and it was in a small room so I got out of the bathroom one evening to find he and the OH zonked out on the bed but still with plenty of room for me ..... so now he is allowed on the bed until both the OH and I are in bed then he goes into his crate in the bedroom and sleeps there ... but he took longer than the cat did to finally wear my OH down (the cat took 3 days before he was under the covers!)

8. He gets called all kinds of names

He gets - Mort, Morty, Morty-monsta, monsta, Morty-mouse, mouse, bubba, handsome-boy and Mortimer when he has been naughty!

9. He has gotten me to do something I thought I would never do

I refer to me as "mum" and my OH as "dad" and my parents and inlaws as "grandma/granddad" when talking to Mort - and he knows who I'm talking to cause he will "find Granddad" if we tell him to .... we even speak about Talin our cat being his "brother" ... I thought only crazy-dog people did things like this but that's ok cause I'm quite happy being a crazy-dog person :p

10. He is names after a character in a Terry Pratchett Book

My OH got dibs on naming him cause I named the cat and he has always loved the character of Death in the Pratchett Discworld Novels .... Death's apprentice is a kid called Mort in a couple of the books - so that's how he got his name - his breeder I think still thinks we are a bit loopy for calling him Mortimer but he really suits it and we have only ever met 1 other dog called Mort before (and thats a Rottie at training) and I know that DeadSheep has a Mort who is a Chi ... so its nice having a dog that doesn't have a common name when you're yelling it out at the beach! ;)


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10 Facts about Willow


1. Willow is my psychologist. I was scared of dogs before I got Willow. I went to several pounds several times until I found a dog I wasn't scared of. Willow was the right size, really sweet, didn't bark and as soon as I saw her I knew she was the dog for me. We bonded instantly.

2. Willow hates to be uncomfortable. Willow hates being wet or dirty and spends a long time licking herself clean. She hates to sit on hard floors so if I give her the sit command she will go and find a rug/dog bed/article of clothing to sit on.

3. Willow is antisocial. Willow loves to say hello to other dogs, but after she has checked them out she is over them. When living with my parents and their GSD, Willow used to jump over the fence and go and curl up on the neighbours couch to get some peace and quiet!

4. Willow loves to sleep in. One weekend she didn't get out of bed until 1pm. I have to coax her out of bed to go outside in the mornings before work. She takes herself to bed too. It's 7pm and she's been in bed for half an hour :love:

5. Willow has a crooked toe and a scar on her paw. From being hit by a car. The vet said she was paralized but she made a full recovery.

6. Willow loves her treat ball. She will ignore food in her bowl in favour of eating out of her treat ball. If the food is in her bowl she will either tip it over to eat it piece by piece of the floor, or she will take a mouthful over to her bed, drop it and then eat it piece by piece.

7. Willow can play the cello. Willow knows exactly where to stand so her tail will strum the strings of my cello in its stand. She will stand there for ages wagging her tail and strumming the strings.

8. Willow totally overcame food aggression. When we first got her from the pound, Willow was very food aggressive around other dogs. She would growl and snarl at my parents GSD when we fed her, even though he was outside and she was inside. Now even the cat can stick her head in Willows bowl and Willow won't bat an eyelid.

9. It's Willows goal in life to be 100% on you. When sitting down, Willow is not content to just curl up next to you or even rest her head on you. She must get 100% of her body onto your body. Not even her tail must touch the ground/couch etc.

10. Willow can break your heart. Willow always looks worried, pouty or stressted out. She is very concerned about you.


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Okay wedding and honeymoon over, now it's down to business - couple of new photos taken this morning so I can finally add my two pooches! YAY! :laugh:

10 Facts about Knuckles



My old dog Thorn was 15 when we got Knuckles, and she instantly adored him. He on the other hand wasn’t too sure. However when they both contracted kennel-cough (from another pooch at puppy school) Thorn got really sick and was too weak to stand, so Knuckles wriggled next to him and wouldn’t leave him until he was better. When he passed away, OH and I shut ourselves off from the world for three days and she mourned with us.


She was a perfect puppy except for one thing – she would occasionally growl at us when we tried to pick her up to get her out of the car or for a cuddle. We got a behaviourist in and found she was challenging for dominance in pack (a usual adolescent thing) so we had to train her a slightly different way: hand feeding her dinner. It was an amazing change and we haven’t had a problem since.


She’s a tart. From very early on we took Knuckles to our local (amazing) dog park and she would play with every dog in the park but one big fella, Max, was her favourite and he took a liking to her too. They have formed such a bond that he is now her protector. If he feels another dog is playing too rough with her he’ll tell them to take a hike. I think this is a really interesting survival instinct I’ve seen her do with other dogs too, she’ll choose the alpha male in the pack and endear herself to him and then he’ll protect her.


She doesn’t like other dogs on the TV. I have never seen another dog watch the telly the way she does. She will bark and get her hackles up when there are dogs and other 4 legged animals on screen, she has even run into the kitchen to find those dogs – the kitchen is behind the wall with the TV on it, I guess she must have thought it was a window.


She is American Bulldog X British Bulldog, so she is an Aussie Bulldog but since it’s not a registered breed and leans more towards looking like an AmBull, for ease we usually tell people she’s AmBull. But we’ve have people ask if she’s a Boxer, AmStaff, Pitbull, and Mastiff.


She is a big placid smoocher. Even though she can get silly and run around, her usual mood as very relaxed and calm and boy does she looooove tummy rubs and kisses on her big square head.


She has ‘her side’ of the backseat of the car. Left side backseat, next to the window. My husband didn’t believe me until one trip he strapped her on the right side and Dutch (our other dog) on the left and she fussed and whined and wouldn’t settle until we pulled over and swapped them. Then she was happy as Larry.


I used to take Knuckles to vintage markets when she was a puppy, she was my good luck charm. I would pick up some of the best pieces of 50s homewares when she came with me but she is way too big to take now


She knows when it’s 4.30pm, which in her mind is the perfect time for dinner. She will come over and place her head on my knee and ‘huff’ through her jowls. I tend to ignore her until I am ready, but it doesn’t stop her trying it on. Both dogs also sleep in our bedroom (on their own beds) and in the morning she will do the same thing to wake me up – always me, never my husband. Soft touch much?


She loves other dogs. She loves the dog park and wrestling and after Thorn passed we knew she had to have another companion after I came home one day to her crying. Luckily a plucky little puppy came to the park one day and that was it – they decided they were gonna be Partners in Crime for life.


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10 Facts about Dutch



He’s a rescue puppy. Who had a crappy start to life having being found in a park wrapped in a towel at 5 weeks old but has been really lucky ever since. He got rescued by an awesome foster carer, and then he won over Knuckles and my husband. I took a little longer to come around but would come home to find large print photos of a blue puppy that just happen to be lying around the house (there was a conspiracy between the foster carer and my husband). And now he is a spoilt, loved member of our family.


Since he got taken away from his mum so early he had no bite inhibition for a reeeeeally long time and no matter how hard we tired to train him, he would still bite and nip when he got excited or we tried to have a cuddle. Having a bulldog (Knuckles) with a high pain threshold didn’t help deter him either as she would just ignore him chewing on her. However only now at 11 months has he started to calm down and enjoys getting the cuddles without giving us the chews.


Dutch is cheeky!! He steals things and then runs around you with it, teasing you. He also ‘Roo-roo’s’ and is generally a very chatty pooch. It’s very funny to watch him prance about giving cheek, but very annoying when he’s actually been naughty and still giving you cheek.


He has a piercing stare, with blue-grey eyes and when he first came to live with us would sit on his bed and watch us, it was a bit unnerving. He was wrinkly too and acted like an older dog, leading to his nickname ‘Pappa Nugge’ because my friend and I thought he looked like a Russian Grandpa… he’s a Benjamin Button dog.


Because he was a Benjamin Button dog, and settled so well and so quickly into our home he reminded me very much of my old dog Thorn, who had passed 1 month before Dutch was born. The fact that he also had a few mannerisms that were just like Thorn made me think that perhaps Thorn had found us again in different dog form, it made me cry but it also made me happy.


Dutch had mouth worts. They were gross!! A couple of months after he came to live with us Dutch started developing knobbly things on his lip. On closer inspection they had spread through his mouth, when we took him to the vet she told us they were Viral Papilloma. They eventually went away but no one wanted kisses from him for a while.


We have no idea what breeds he is. He’s chipped as a staffy, he has distinct colouring and he is a nugget of muscle but he is so narrow! He looks like someone put a staffy in a press and squished him. He’s not a big dog, but he’s not a little dog either.


He snores like a freight-train. Barks in his sleep and if he’s put outside because he’s been naughty he’ll make the strangest noises at the back door – sort of like a whinny and a sighing screech, yeah I told you it was strange.


He ate an apple tree. It was only a few years old so it wasn’t huge but all the same it was a tree and the biggest bit left was around 10cm’s. He also stripped the other apple tree so now it looks like a big stick with 3 spindly branches at the top. He pretty much decimated our backyard, pulling up every plant and digging up the grass. The backyard is a dustbowl now, helped along by both dogs wrestling. It’s the one thing that really makes me unhappy, because the dirt blows in the house or travels in on the dogs and everything gets unbelievably dirty no matter how much I clean.


Dutch likes to keep you company in the bathroom. Sitting on the loo? Goodo, Dutch will push the door open and come sit on the bathmat and hang out with you. Having a shower? No worries everyone needs an audience for their shower-singing. And he’ll even help you towel off by licking your legs.


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Oooh, my husband this, my husband that :shrug: Congrats again :laugh:

Thanks for reviving the thread, I love reading these :)

I have to ask ... did the kennels bath them for you? They're spotless! :(

[Ooops, I was a little heavy handed with the emoticons!!]

Edited by ruthless
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Oooh, my husband this, my husband that :D Congrats again ;)

I have to ask ... did the kennels bath them for you? They're spotless! :)

shert up you! :laugh:

that's terrible my filthy dogs are too well known, yes the kennels bathed them. It'll last about a day, Dutch already has dirty paws from digging ;)

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i just spent an hour posting a 10 things about my noodle (O-Ren) only to have IE freeze and lose it all........................AND that Photobucket has deleted ALL but 20 of my photos.......................

:D :) ;) ;) :laugh::cry::mad

puppy fotos of O-Ren lost forever????? tears++++++++++

eta: forgot i made "albums" so i found some early pics....will RE-POST 10things asap :D


Edited by O-Ren
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10 Facts about Bronte...


1. Bronte LOVES cats. She has grown up with her very own, Little Lara and the two of them are very good pals and playmates. Whenever we are out on walks and she sees one she simply turns to goo. She waggles her whole body, squeees up her face with her ears soft and flat and cries at them. Unfortunately so far she hasn't found neighbourhood one willing to humour her good nature and they just sniff and turn tail.

2. One of Bronte's favourite treats is a carrot. She will steal them from freshly made up horse feed buckets down at the farm and out from under my horse's nose. Mostly she enjoys eating one straight from the fridge while lounging in the sun on the grass in the back yard.

3. Bronte is a talker. I know when I come home from work I will be chattered at for a few minutes while she welcomes me. She has quite a large range of chirrups, yips and tiny oofs. She's always up for a chat; with other dogs, when we go to the vet, when she meets someone new and when she has had enough of her dog obedience class or the trainer is talking too much.

4. She is a regular Miss Congeniality. There is no one; person or dog, that Bronte doesn't like or want to be the best of friends with. Bronte just thinks everyone is a friend - I hope I'm never robbed, she'll probably help the crooks load their truck.

5. Bronte is only 8 months old and has spent two of those months confined with limited exercise. She fractured a growth plate in her hind left leg when she was 5 1/2 months old and it required an operation to put in a pin, two weeks of splinting and then two weeks of no exercise. Then the poor love was desexed and had another two weeks of confinement. Typically health injury challenged, a gap then formed between two of the internal stitches and she needed another operation to put an extra stitch in. Another two weeks of confinement and finally she was able to rejoin the world again.

6. This little Collie is very smart. At Obedience school she moved from puppy obedience level to Class 1 at 5 months, a month ahead when they normally move up. She then had two weeks in Class 1 before being prompted to Class 2. Then she had her run of bad health luck and missed two months of classes. She has now been back to one class of Class 2 and we have been told that she will be in Class 3 very very soon.

7. Bronte is a poor traveller. She doesn't get car sick anymore and doesn't seem to outwardly stress, but she is an excessive drooler. So much so that I worry about dehydration when we go for some of our trips. She always recovers in a jiffy once she's out of the car, but even a 5 minute trip gets very messy.

8. Bronte sometimes shows tell tale signs that my old Dobermans spirit is with her. My Doberman Sasha used to pin me to one spot when she didn't want me to go somewhere or wanted me to play by wrapping her front legs around one of my legs and hanging on to it as I was trying to walk. Bronte has EXACTLY the same manner and timing with this little habit as Sasha did.

9. Bronte and my Blackberry alarm are in cahoots. In the morning when my phone alarm sounds, the very next thing to happen is for this little Collie to pop her two front legs on the bed and push a loving and eager nose into my face. Then start the little, 'get up, get up' squeaks and tweets from her. But with such loving, gentle eyes, how can I resist getting out of bed for our morning walk.

10. Bronte has my heart and my dedication. Collies are often described in temperament and appearance as having a 'sweetness' about them. I never realised how true this was until Bronte came home. She is all that and more. She's a loving little friend who I always want to share things with. While I'm toiling at work, the one thing that always keeps me going is the weekend of doggy plans I have made for us. On Friday nights I used to go out for a few drinks with colleagues and friends, but now all I want to do is rush home to spend time with my girls, Bronte and Lara. I can't wait for our next addition in a couple of years, a male Collie.

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10 things about Jack

1. Jack began his life on the streets of Queanbeyan

The RSPCA picked Jack up on the streets of Quangers as a young puppy, desexed him and he was adopted thereafter by a family who lived in the north of Canberra.

2. Jack is the victim of a divorce

Raelene from ARF was at Domestic Animal Services when Jack was tearfully surrendered at age 4. Mum and kids were moving into somewhere where they couldn't have a dog and the ex-husband didn't want him. Given that Jack was quite fearful of men when we got him, particularly of a man holding something like a dustpan and shovel, broom or stick, we figure the father of his original household wasn't the nicest bloke :cheer:

3. He was the perfect passenger, for the first and last time, on the car-ride home from the pound

When we met Jack at DAS, we were besotted with the big doofus who knew his name, knew how to have fun, and was not at all aggressive when my husband stood on the poor dog's foot! We went through all the adoption paperwork, chatted with the ranger about our yard, our plans for training etc and off we went. Jack happily hopped in the car and just sat there all the way home. For every car ride since, he barks for the first and last 5 minutes or so of every car trip. Sneaky bugger!

4. Jack can count backwards from three

When riding in the car (see #3) my husband instigated a new, not entirely positive, training technique. He would count backwards from three to warn me that if Jack wasn't quiet by the time the countdown had finished, a stern "LEAVE IT" would be used. While the countdown was for my benefit, so I wouldn't swerve off the road or something, Jack was a fast learner. It usually goes like this: " (woof woof woof) 3 ... (woof) 2 ... ... ..." with silence thereafter :cheer:

5. Jack is racist

When we first adopted Jack, going for a walk involved much barking and frothing at the mouth, even if other dogs were behind gates in their yards. Most of our initial dog training was spent several metres away from everyone else in our training group, gradually decreasing the distance between Jack and other dogs as his tolerance and my training techniques improved. But he still hates the spitz breeds. I have no idea why. He's not as bad as he used to be, but playing with a husky, malamute, akita ... forget it. He does have a mate we pass on our walks, a big fluffy mal, who doesn't bother him one bit.

6. He is my first dog

My family had a BC x corgi named Cindy when I was in pre-school and kindergarten. She ran away from home one Friday night and we believe she was poisoned by the cranky man up the road (whose flowers she would eat when she escaped from our yard). In the mid-1980s we rented a house owned by an Army family and their corgi. Susie, came with the house for the one year we were there. Those were the only dogs we had when growing up, and I was *desperate* for my own dog. Hubby was less desperate :hug: but puts up with me. And Jack. Mostly :D

7. Jack is a party animal

Jack lives for attention from humans of all ages. Soon after buying our house and adopting Jack, we had a big housewarming party with loads of people and their kids. He tarted himself from person to person that night, in the house and out in the yard, and hasn't changed one bit. We had 12 people here for dinner on Thursday night this week and Jack was the life of the party, showing off all his tricks in the hope of getting food. Sadly for him, the guests had already been prepped about not giving the fatty any tasty treats.

8. He is a cancer survivor

Two years ago last month, Jack went for a vaccination booster and the vet asked whether he had any unusual lumps or bumps as he was pushing 7 years of age and that's about when such things rear their ugly heads. I pointed out a small pea-sized bump near his right hind leg, which was tested and found to be a grade III mast-cell tumour :cheers: A week later, it was all chopped out, with clear margins, and we've seen no sign of the C word since.

9. Jack has good drugs

I don't know what they put in Florinef and Cortaid for dogs with Addison's disease, but I want some of that stuff. ;) It must be pure adrenaline! Jack is going to be 10 years old in February and still acts like a dumb puppy thanks to the good drugs he takes twice a day.

10. A cross of two intelligent breeds does not a smart dog make

We think Jack is a cross between an Australian cattle dog (red) and German Shepherd dog. But he didn't get the smarts of either breed. Sure, he knows a few commands and tricks but, for the most part, he's as thick as a brick. And totally lovable :cheers: We couldn't imagine life without the boofer.

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Fantastic thread Ruth! :mad


10 Facts About Harry

1. Harry was an accident.

Harry is the result of an amorous encounter between a Pug and a German Shepherd. His father got to his mother via human error. To answer your next question - his mother was the pug, she birthed 8 puppies naturally and his father was 6 months old at the time of conception.

2. Harry has serious dental problems.

Harry's jaw is overshot, which means his bottom jaw sticks out a good 2cms further than his top jaw. No doubt his mixed heritage can be thanked for that. Walking him can be interesting, as often people think he is baring his teeth at them.

3. Harry should be bald.

He loses so much coat that I swear he shouldn't have any left. His double coat is short, but very thick and drops out all year round. The undercoat is so fine that it drifts around the place like a mist, occassionally ending up in eyes or mouths.

4. Harry has an addiction.

To balls mostly, but any toy will do. In fact, the dead skin of a tennis ball will do if there is nothing else around. He will constantly drop the ball at your feet, hoping, waiting, praying that you will throw it for him. And if you do, then you will be stuck with him forever and ever and ever...

5. Harry has serious dental problems (part 2).

Not only is he terribly undershot, he has also worn down his canines to the same level as his incisors, due to his ball addiction. This doesn't seem to inhibit his bone consumption.

6. Harry is a dream to train.

He has the drive, he has the smarts and can learn tricks so quickly, if only I had the time and energy to do some sort of sport with him. One day...

7. Harry has no off-switch.

The dog is seven years old and isn't showing any signs of slowing down. He will come back from a 5km run, get a drink and then go grab a ball for you to throw. He is a nutter.

8. Harry is 'the voice'.

He now wears a zappy bark collar when we aren't home, because he gets over protective of the house and yard. He is a completely different dog when we are at home.

9. Harry is a nigel.

He has no friends (except Lola). He is a doggy snob and while out, would much prefer to chase a toy, than play nice with others.

10. Harry takes after my husband.

Just like my husband, he leans towards the skinny side and can be difficult to keep weight on, even though he is a bottomless pit with food. We put this down to his boundless energy and being constantly on the go.


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