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Sometimes Dogs Can Surprise You!


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This is Leila,


She has been a problem from day 1 and is now the 'yard dog' as she is DA and cannot join in the activities that Rams and I do involving other dogs etc etc. She gets walks and we take her to a river where we know not many people and dogs go but other than that she is 'the yard dog' She also is not fond of cats, with our old cat Tiger she would chase the cat up on top of the air con and then sit there and bark at her.

She often looks like this when playing in the yard...


or this...


Tonight OH was feeding her and had taken Suki our kitten out for some 'bonding' time. This is what his DA unpredictable dog did to our cat.




She was ever so gentle and relaxed, with a wagging tail and all.

Are there moments when your dogs completely surprise you with their reactions?

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Cute photos :thumbsup: . It is nice when they surprise you in a good way.

Jessie surprised me yesterday at the park...she is not a very confident or persistent dog and she does not normally choose to go in very deep water at the park, but yesterday she was really determined to fetch the tennis ball when it went in the water. She was being quite brave! A while back at the beach she did a similar thing when her favourite rubber frisbee went in the surf and we couldn't see it or get to it in time when it came rolling in towards the shore. It was getting really dark and the surf was big, and my mum and I couldn't see the frisbee so we started walking back. Jessie would not leave, and I don't know how she did it but she got her beloved frisbee out of the surf.

I jokingly call Jessie a "nanna dog" at home because she is a pretty quiet and sooky dog, and I used to get random people at dog parks thinking she was old because she'd sometimes choose to just lay down and watch everything, so it is great when she shows some confidence.


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What on earth is she about to chomp on in the third pic ? ;)

Mine surprised me tonight, we have a game of 'where is your bowl?' which we play sometimes.

Tonight I really couldn't find his bowl, OH had moved it.

I said in a very normal tone of voice "Now Jones, I'm serious this time, where is your bowl ?" and he ran straight to the bbq and pointed his nose at the bowl :thumbsup:

I was very impressed !! But he is the son of Super Rex :D

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What on earth is she about to chomp on in the third pic ? :cry:

That would be 'Lornez Friend Lee' Otherwise known as Friend and Leilas best bud! They adore each other. Although that pic makes me look like a liar :cry: When we feed her in her night pen she is very defensive wit Ramses and Teddy (the goat) She will growl if they look sideways at her while she eats, Friend however is able to sit right beside her pen and sniff around without Leila so much as batting an eyelid at him.

Sharing a Kong together.



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Thats nice. :cry:

You're braver than I would be though taking my cat out at 'dog level'. Its sweet that they get on OK but it could have ended up in tears.

Trust me my heart was beating a million miles an hour the whole time! He has been taking Suki out there for a few nights without me know..I freaked when he took him out :cry: Suki isnt put on the ground when the dogs are there only ever held.

Mutta..Thanks :shrug: I think so too.

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Thanks he is my best friends dog who lives with me. As far as puppies go we have a good one! He is pretty good, doesnt destroy things like Rams and Leila did when they were little except he broke the dvd player. He is my best friends first pedigree dog and all my raving on about dogs with papers while we were at school worked! He is from a breeder in QLD and was flown to us in September.

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My dog surprises me all the time. Like, whenever he does what he's told :rofl:

My first dog was a lot easier to train, he is more submissive and I taught him heaps of tricks when I was a kid, it was so easy because he just sat there and listened and I could get him to do anything with just small food rewards.

Darcy was more difficult, he wouldn't focus on me and he was stubborn :) so its always rewarding when he gets to a point where he will do something right :)

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